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Upcoming Discussions

About anything but ordinary

Previous Entry Upcoming Discussions Nov. 30th, 2005 @ 11:08 am Next Entry
Hi all,

We've got two discussions happening this week on Shimerhenge. At least maybe they're happening -- I need to hear from at least one more person for each one. So if you're thinking of being there, please let me know.

On Thursday evening, we'll be discussing Auden's Song IX (text on the website). See this thread for updates.

On Sunday evening, we'll be discussing Primo Levi's "The Drowned and the Saved," ch. 9 from Surviving Auschwitz (text on the website). See this thread for updates.

Before joining the chat, you'll need to create an account on http://shimerhenge.com/moodle/ . That shouldn't take more than a few clicks; I'll be glad to help if you have any problems.

Ideas for our next discussion? Post 'em to the Shimerhenge forum! (much easier than posting to a blog, I might add).


Sam Henderson
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