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[Request] H ZETT M's second cover minialbum

Hello shiinaringo! I don't know if I can request this one here, but I think someone here would be able to help me. Anyways, I've been looking for a download link to H ZETTM's new minialbum "きらきら☆すたんだーど2 ~ぷれみあむ~", but it's like it's nowhere in the internets. Thanks in advance for any info you might have.

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"Daihakken" tracklist

The tracklist for TJ's upcoming album on the 20th of June has been revealed!

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Since I didn't post it here, a reminder that the band will be doing a nationwide tour, “Tokyo Jihen Live Tour 2011 Discovery“. It will start in Tokyo on September 30th and end in Tokyo on December 2nd. Hope someone manages to go! If only they had started in August...

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Credit@cool like plastic & TokyoHive
Ohkura ★ Park


First, I want to apologize because of the seeming missing password in "Tokyo Jihen - Just can't help it" DVD :/ The page didn't provide anything, and I didn't download and check, I'm afraid.

Also, I have added the "Ultra C" DVD I'm sure most of you already have it, but I have added it to the masterpost for future reference. Added ISO files for a couple of others, too.

I'll try to post again around the 23rd of February for the new single, Sora ga Natteiru/Onna no Ko wa Daredemo :) Stay tuned!