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official Shawn Ashmore community's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
official Shawn Ashmore community

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[20;07;05 % 21;19]
ahh shawn! watch the Underclassman' trailer HERE!

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X-men 3 [07;03;05 % 15;16]

[ mood | excited ]

From what I have read is that Shawn will be in the new x-men movie. Which is supposed to start filming in June of this year. He didn't get the part of Jimmy Olsen due to the fact that it conflicts with the new x-men movie.

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common people [07;02;05 % 0;28]

[ mood | blank ]

Why is there hardly any posting in this community?

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[23;01;05 % 21;08]

Hello, My name is Edward and I am fairly new to this community (although I've been watching it for quite a while and am very impressed)....but I am looking for friends, and I love chatting about Shawn Ashmore, so I figured this would be a great place to meet new people. So if any of you would like to add me to your friends list, I'd like that. Feel free to read my journal...I really need comments and feedback. Thanks.
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Shawn & Michelle [19;12;04 % 23;52]

[ mood | silly ]

What do you think of Shawn and Michelle dating?

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[11;12;04 % 19;08]

[ mood | excited ]

Yay! You guys, Earthsea premiers on Monday!! Shawn has like the main role!

December 13
SciFi Channel

woo, I can't wait! He stars with Kristin Kreuk from Smallville

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movies [21;11;04 % 18;45]

[ mood | amused ]

What are your top 10 favourite movies starring Shawn or Aaron?

Mine are:
1. cadet kelly
2. x-men
3. x-men 2
4. blood moon
5. the famillar stranger
6. the skulls 2
7. my brother's keeper
8. prom queen
9. safe
10. blackout

And I liked it when Aaron was a guest apperance on veronica mars.

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newbie [12;11;04 % 18;55]

[ mood | happy ]

Hey I'm new here and I am a big fan of Shawn Ashmore and his twin brother Aaron. How come no one ever updates in this community?

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Newbie [04;09;04 % 19;28]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hello I'm a newbie and not only am I currently watching Shawn Ashmore on Television but I'm a dedicated fan of both him and his twin brother and anything to do with them--including slash (especially slash).

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Newbie. [07;08;04 % 12;10]

Hi, I'm new. I've watched Shawn Ashmore since he was on Animorphs. I can't believe I used to like him even back then. When I first saw him on X-men. I nearly fainted. I couldn't believe it was him. I was so excited. And yeah, he rocks! :o)
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[11;06;04 % 3;31]

Anyone watch the MTV Movie Awards?

WHAT was up with Shawn's hair? I did not like it. At all. But it was cute that he thanked Aaron. I want pictures of Aaron! Anyone have any or know where I can get any?

Also, is he dating Michelle Trachenburg or something? He gave her a quick peck when he won (He won!!!) and she seemed overly excited. *sighs* Why do guys I like always have bad taste? (aka Jake Gyllenhaal and Kirsten Duntz)
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Hi ^_^ [24;05;04 % 16;52]

[ mood | chipper ]

well i have just joined - and this is the first community i have joined, im a big fan of Shawn's which i am pretty sure you all are - i watched a couple of animorph episodes but i dont remember how long ago that was - and saw him in X-Men, so here i am lol - i dont know what else to write - and i dont know if this community is dead or not - oh well

-Kate xoxo

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[19;05;04 % 3;16]

Hey I'm new here, my name is Karen and i'm from Toronto Ont. Anyway, I got the chance to meet Shawn a long long time ago when he was shooting "in a heartbeat". My mom works at the EMS station where they shot the outside scenes. They didn't shoot inside the station at all, only the outside of the building and they also used their ambulances. Anyway, I got his autograph that day and I haven't scanned the picture yet. I figured noone really cared. Buut, I thought you all might enjoy seeing it. I'll post it up here by friday, because my scanner is broken and I have to use my moms..=\.
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[08;04;04 % 15;37]

hey guys... im new here... ive always been a fan of shawn... animorphs and even more so in xmen since i luv the cartoon and have all these trading cards. but i was wondering were any of u guys into "in a heartbeat" it was a disney original series. i assumed it got cancelled then i saw it on really late at nite. then totally disappeared. i miss em. btw, the guy who played tobias in animorphs was also in "in a heartbeat" hes the one on the very left. i think he's hot too. is there a community for him?

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heh [27;02;04 % 16;54]

Nude-y's! Kind ofCollapse )

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Shawn! [01;01;04 % 10;28]

Thank God someone started this community!

When I was in grade 7, I loved the Animorph books.
When they made the show, I was excited. I forget how old I was when the show aired. But I couldn't help but think that this boy playing "Jake" is such a cutie!

And he's sure grown into his looks very very well.
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[22;12;03 % 13;22]

**sorry for spamming, delete if you want to!**

X-Men Role playing game? XD

xaviers is looking for new players! The game has slowed down quite a bit and we're doing a bit of re-vamping, so we're looking for a ton of characters!

Come and check us out!
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[07;12;03 % 16;03]
Hey all, I made a Mark McGrath community...markmcgrathfans. Join!
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[06;09;03 % 12;42]
Hey there I'm new. I abosolustely adore Shawn Ashmore. He's hot!
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Newbie [01;07;03 % 22;09]
[ mood | artistic ]

Hey! I'm new. ^_^ Obviously. Anywhoo, I'm a big fan, and I love both Animorphs and X-Men, so I was really happy to see Shawn in both. ^_^

- Bart

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