Location-kissimmee, fl

Height-5'3" last time i checked

List 5 Favorite songs
all along the watchtower-jimi hendrix
freebird-lynyrd skynyrd
wake me up when september ends-green day
get ready-sublime
kashmir-led zepplin


Did someone send you here? who?-nope,im kinda new at this so i was just browsing interests

Best physical quality-my eyes

Worst physical quality-i hate my ears for some reason,lol

Why are you Sexylishous?i dunno,ill let u be the judge of that

What do you think about...

Gay marriage:no one should judge them

Abortion:dont believe in it,it should be illegal

Teen pregnancy:if your resposable enough to have a kid,why not?of course if your like 15 and younger and you get pregnant,thats way too young,but my best friend got preganant when she was 18,and shes great with her daughter,so i guess it just depends on the age,and maturity level.

Inter-racial dating:it should not be judged either,skin color should not matter

This community:i think its awesome

Finish the Sentence….

Life is like…an elevator,it always has its ups and downs...ok i think that was the gayest thing ive ever said,haha

Cute as a…..kitten,till it bites you

I’m Such a _funny____ Dork

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Post at least four clear pictures:me