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sexy_____'s Journal

Are you sexy?
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
To get this community up and running we are auto accepting the first 20

17 More auto accepts left!

Welcome to sexy_____. This is a rating community and you will be judged on looks. Please consider joining! We want you!

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

Image hosted by TinyPic.comPlease apply within 24 hours of joining.
Image hosted by TinyPic.comRespect the mods and members if you dont like what they vote too bad.
Image hosted by TinyPic.comFill out the whole application.
Image hosted by TinyPic.comYou must be atleast 14 unless your extremly sexy.
Image hosted by TinyPic.comIf you are asked for a salute you must show us one within two days or you will be auto-rejected.
Image hosted by TinyPic.comNO NUDITY whatsoever!
Image hosted by TinyPic.comYou may not post anywhere in the community besides your application until you have been accepted by one of the mods. If you Do not follow this you will be banned.
Image hosted by TinyPic.comNo Fighting with the mods or that will result in an auto rejection.
Image hosted by TinyPic.comNo Drama. Please, take it elsewhere.
Image hosted by TinyPic.comIf you are rejected you may really in two weeks with new pictures.
Image hosted by TinyPic.comWhen your accepted please put our banner in your userinfo, and promote!

Image hosted by TinyPic.com
Image hosted by TinyPic.comWhen voting on applications put yes or no in the subject line. It makes it easier for us to count up the votes.
Image hosted by TinyPic.comWhen voting be honest.
Image hosted by TinyPic.comAll pictures must be behind an LJ cut.
Image hosted by TinyPic.comNudity is NOT allowed.
Image hosted by TinyPic.comMake sure you tell us if your going to be inactive.
Image hosted by TinyPic.comAn active or salute check can be issued at any time and if you do not respond you will be kicked out.

Image hosted by TinyPic.com
Do not use richtext!

Image hosted by TinyPic.com
Image hosted by TinyPic.comPromo Banners
Image hosted by TinyPic.comAccepted Banners
Image hosted by TinyPic.comRejected Banners

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Coming soon

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Coming soon

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Coming soon

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