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Hobbies:Dance, Cheerleading,Being with all my Friends, Taking Pictures

Movies:Some Like It Hot, A Walk To Remember, The Notebook, Mean Girls
Bands/Singers:Senses Fail, Dashboard Confessional, MyChemicalRomance
Food:Iced Tea, Peaches, Salad
Stores:Bebe A&F SteveMadden Hollister

Opinions:(you have to choose three)
Bush or Kerry and explain why:
Abortion:it depends on the rape cases i think definitly, and if they need to have one that badly...its their decision, but i have heard about alot of people who regret it
Gay Marrige: if they want to sure...its their choice
Drugs and Drinking: drugs noway i would ever do them....drinking...sure why not, but i think people who are underage are really immature about how much they drink ...not everyone though

Where did you hear about us? (leave a username please): __photogenic__
Why do you want to join this community?its a sister community to another one im in
What do you think of the mods? lovespell16 - photogenic is a really good community and she does a good job with it...she is really pretty too
overly exposed- seems really honest in the comments when she is voting on someone ...shes pretty too
Rate yourself: 8.5
Do you think your sexy? yes , sometimes no
Post 5 clear pics of you. (full clothing please)

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Image hosted by
Image hosted by --- on the right
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    Jill, Can we auto accept like the first 20 just to get this community up and running?

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