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*NOTE - Maintainer isn't boss of this, you people can build up somet type of system.

In order to be an official member of this community, you must post this form :

1. What's your name?
2. Where do you live?
3. What kind of music are you into &name 5 bands/artists.
4. What programs do you use to edit your photography?
5. Post more than 2 photos that you took and/or edited.

Points -
1. good music (not that it has anything to do with photography
2. no ugly people
3. no shitty cams
4. different poses
5. self photography only
6. photos must have some kind of artistic significance
7. you can't apply if you are under 13.
8. you must have a unique look
9. vanity &conciededness are allowed beyond this point.
10. you must vote if you are accepted &promote.
11. if you are rejected, you must leave without bitching.
12. don't be boring
13. don't use sticky caps, caps lock, or type like this : .hi.my.name.is.george.
14. don't be surprised if someone seriously judges you
15. no pornographic kidn of nudity or immaturity
16. all posts behind a cut
17. no oversized photos
18. don't be lame
19. no pointless asshole-ism

after you are excepted -
post animated gifs, modified or edited self photos, polaroids, photobooth photos, clothes bought/made, shoes, anything THAT IS ON/OF YOU!

MAINTAINER - annasomething

Promote -