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secret_icons__'s Journal

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About This Community:

This is the icon journal of swizzlemeup, formerly spacekydet. You'll find icons mostly of movies but including some fandoms such as Bones, Smallville, Grey's Anatomy and more. Feel free to friend this community and check back for updates! All icons are archived in the memories for quick browsing. Enjoy!


[+] DO NOT HOTLINK ICONS!!! Save them to your own server space. Need some suggestions? Photobucket is great :)

[+] If you're use any of my icons, credit me in your keywords please. If you don't know how to do this, follow this tutorial.

[+] It's not required, but I'd love to know if you take my icons.

[+] Nominating icons is very much appreciated, but so is letting me know. So if you are going to nom one, please comment so I can watch the community :)

[+] I do not take requests at this time.

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