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"I'll be back!"

What's your fav. scary movie???

Scream 1996 Dimension films Wes Craven.
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When Scream debuted in theatres in December 1996, directed by horror-meister Wes Craven and starring a cast of young TV faces - Courteney Cox, Neve Campbell; and independent film favorites - David Arquette, Rose McGowan, Skeet Ulrich - no one could have imagined the success it would have. Scream quickly rose to become one of the top-grossing horror films of all time, rivaled only by The Exorcist.

This community is dedicated to the thriller, SCREAM.

Feel free to write in about other scream films, stab, wes craven questions, film mistakes, actors/actresses, icons, webpages, ecetra...just no horror film bashing.