"He's the cool side of me -- if I had a cool side."

Fans of Scott Mcneil

Fans of Scott McNeil
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This community is dedicated to the one and only Scott McNeil. By the fans. For the fans. But unfortunately, there are in fact rules.

1) Absolutely NO flaming other members or Teh Scott. That is ONE thing I will NOT tolerate. If I see flames you WILL be banned from the community. We're all people here united under one person, Scott. So try to enjoy it.

2) As a general courtesy, put anything big (pictures, articles, excessively long stories) under a cut.

3) I'm very opened-minded, so feel free to say anything you want. If it gets too off topic I will delete the post.

4) Try to avoid crossposting. No one likes to see their friends list filled up with the same post.

5) Have fun!

Posts about meeting up at Kons with other people, Scott experiences, pictures, articles, even fanfiction are ALL welcome.

Welcome to Scott McNeil's one and only community (currently >.>) and please enjoy your stay! Feel free to contact either me or any of the other co-mods.

Mod: ohsobulletproof
Co-mod: _reila_
Co-mod: slash_puppy
Co-mod: slash_tiger

Also, if you join, please add a banner to your user info.