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The Church of Scientology [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Official CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY LiveJournal

I always thought it was rather new [Apr. 9th, 2007|03:36 pm]
The Official CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY LiveJournal


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11:18 AM 4/7/07 · Flipping channels, killing time, putting off how long it will be till I go out to go see The Reaping. On the Comedy Channel they're showing Airplane (the first one obviously) and it's that part where that all important captain is entering the airport and he's fighting his way through all the religious freaks and people with causes...

...basically a bunch of pamphlet pushers. Every airport has some variation of them.

One of them, that I believe received a double spin kick to the head, said something about scientology. While I'm aware they've been around for awhile, and I partially blame this on the fact that a recent negative spin in the news of late may be the cause of this, I've only been relatively aware of them fairly recently.

Don't know offhand when Airplane came out, early 80's or thereabouts, but just how old is scientology? When was it created exactly?