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scandal0us__'s Journal

The Star Magazine of LiveJournal
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This community is PURELY FICTION, FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Do not take anything we say in here serious... It's a freeking internet 'tabloid' NOT REAL. MADE UP. BY US. Thank you and good day.

Amy = luxuriious
Sammy = purfection
Sarah = whiskey_cowgirl


Sammy (purfection) will provide you with a weekly(?) edition of RUBBISH
Sarah (whiskey_cowgirl) will provide you with the weekly TINSELTOWN TRASH
Amy (luxuriious) will occasionally provide you with an issue of THE INFORMER

1. No obnoxiousness towards the mods/writers, its their personal opinion. Nobody asked you to agree with it.
2. If you would like to write an article or two, email one of us, or contact us at our personal journals, and show us what you've got!
3. We accept anyone, so don't be afraid to comment on something! We wanna know what you think!
4. Let us know who you wanna read about - we wanna amuse you guys!
5. Be nice to other members.
6. Have fun with all this! =)
7. Copy & paste the code in the following box into your info/journal/wherever - promote us! =)

Credit to www.lime-light.org for Sarah's pictures.
Credit to rumor sites/tabloids for the rumors that we make our stories about.
ALSO! Credit to all the stupid fake chicks, who insinuate they're with someone -- and we can make our amazingly interesting articles thanks to them! ;)