God, your line was busy, please invest in call waiting.

Dear god,

Its me Sarah again, i checked my email thismorning, and i revieved an email from Cosmo girl. Im sure you don't support girls my age reading cosmo, but i need to bring this to your attention. Becuase i believe someone desperatly needs to be in these prayers of mine, i called your crib, and it was busy, and your cellphones off, could be roaming again, you know that jerusilum has no verizon signal.

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a short one.

Well, alot has been happening for celebrities these days. Micheal jackson and lindsey lohan are on the same diet. and both weigh about the same amount as boy scout backpack. Ironically, micheal enjoys those scout sleepovers aswell.

Paris hilton finally picked her ring. Whoop ti-do. If she was as realistic as she says she is, maybe she would have only picked one, who test drives rings? Honestly.

Speaking of Paris, her beau, Paris... Wow, thats an odd sentance, has shown evidnence that is being looked over by the worlds top pyschatrists. there have been the major symptoms. Okay, one symptom. Its quite obvious.

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This Week : "You Look Like a Douchebag"

Okay, I Decided to do something a little Different, but its still Celebrity Chewout. Looking Through Pictures of Celebrities, you realize, they are just like you, you have those days, thouse "I Look Like a Douchebag" Moments. Well, I'd like to bring you some of the rich and famous, Douchebag looks, for this spring. (Its Pretty Weak actually, just some Random Thinking.)

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First Edition

Hey Kids! Welcome to Scandal0us__ ( Thats Right With a Freeking 0 ), and Im Sarah, And Im Gonna Write Celeb Bashing Articles, Usually Surrounded by pictures, This is pure fun, and deep down, you love to hate them anyways :) So Im gonna start off This week, With Hollywoods most "Chaotic" Couple



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