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Welcome to say_anything___! I got the idea for this community after reading the book, YM's best of Say Anything. I've never seen a community for embarrissing moments on livejournal, so I figured,"Hey, what the hell." So just follow the rules and keep all posts friends only, and this community will be awesome!

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2.Be polite, no matter how embarrising or disgusting a story may be.
3.Stay active.
4.Don't be racist, sexist, or any other kind of ist in this community, ok?
5.You may post pictures if you have pictures of your embarrising moments, but try to keep the nudity to a low.
7.Respect the mod, Respect eachother.
8.If you don't want to post using you username, you are allowed to use the communities annonymous member, sayanythinganon. The password is lippygloss. So, just log into that journal, and post the story of picture to this community!

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Looking for co-mods. If you are interested, make a post please and thanks.

If you want to be a sister community, comment on the sister post.


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Temporary layout by its_the_eyes. It is a temporary layout until I finish the one I'm making for the community. Intil I'm finished, love this one!

0ne_step_cl0ser for spamming the community with promotions and making no effort to make/change posts into friends only.