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Name: Jamie Wright
Age: 17
Currently a member of a SADD Chapter?: Yes! Senior Representative haha
Religion (if any): Christian
Why did you join this community? To keep active, and to be posted on what's going on with fellow SADD members around the world!
Interests: Dance! Theater, Reading, Running, etc.
How did you find us? livejournal search :]

New member!

My name is Vicki. I am 18 years old, and give thanks to the moderator for creating this community. It's wonderful what you can find using the search engine.

A year ago, one of my best friends out West was in a car accident caused by a reckless fifteen-year-old without a permit. I will never forget the conversation that I shared with his boyfriend that summer night. We both couldn't believe it. It was so terrifying, and it made me feel so numb inside. We all tried to stay strong, even though we knew he could die. Fortunately, he survived but had to have his left leg amputated. 

I am also a friend to someone who lost his significant other in a drunk driving accident that killed two other students at my former highschool.  

As well, I would love to talk to other SADD members, and gather some ideas for my school. 

My interests consist of writing, music, playing piano, singing, composing and performing my own compositions, drawing, acting, and photography. If you wish to know more, my info page has that stuff...or you could ask.
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Hi, my name is Stacey, and on February 25th, my friend Josh McMillian, along with his brother Nick, and their friend Jessica, died in a horrible car wreck, due to a drunk driver, driving on the wrong side of the highway.

June 19th would have been Nick's 21st birthday, and my friends and I are having a ceremony for him.
I was wondering if anyone had stencils I could print to use to make t-shirts to this event, and to make some for others.


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So do you guys have any suggestions of what my group can do if our advisors are horrible?? They treat us like we're five, and don't listen to our suggestions. And overall, they really have no idea what to do. So many people dropped out of SADD this year because they can't handle the advisors. Does anyone have any suggestions on how we can talk to them or something? And does anyone have suggestions on how to gain more members? Because 4 really isn't cutting it...last year we had about 20.


today at the meeting, we had a discussion about exactly what constitutes a 'destructive decision'. along with the obvious (drugs, smoking, and alcohol), we've started branching out a bit, starting campaigns against littering and relationship violence. what does the SADD organization at your school focus on?

(ps- richard, i finished two signs already! one says "don't litter, save the critters" and has little squirrels and birds all over it. the other says "be sweet to your sweetheart, avoid dating violence" with little purple people holding hands. you like?)
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Name: Alicia Foote
Age: 17
Currently a member of a SADD Chapter?: Yes, I am my school's SADD president.
Religion (if any): Catholic
Why did you join this community?: Pourquoi pas? Because I'm always looking for ideas to help my school, and so I can communicate with others who really actually care about sadd and don't just do it for its appearance on college trandcripts.
Interests: Music. Saxophone, jazz, french horn. Friends, movies, film-making, family...if you wanna know more, look at my info thingy.
How did you find us? I searched for sadd

Don't know what else to say, so if you have any questions, just ask...
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Well my SADD group had it weekly officers meeting this morning, and two of our 3 seniors decided they want to quit. Well not completely but they feel like it isn't fun anymore, too time consuming, and that no one listens. I want to help them have fun again...and make sure this doesn't happen to any of our younger members...any ideas?

heyy, i'm new!

Currently a member of a SADD Chapter?:Yes, in Duxbury, MA.
Religion (if any):None.
Why did you join this community?:To meet other SADD members around the country and to get some ideas!
Interests:Tennis, Girl Scouts, American Field Service, National Honor Society, Link Crew, Computers, Music, Band, Sleeping.
How did you find us?Through my friend.


Hey I am the VP of my SADD Club at school. It is kind of struggling but we're working on it! I am running World Aids Day for SADD this year. Any suggestions of what I can do with it? Thanks, Laura :-)

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There were so many drunk people at our homecoming dance, you could smell the alcohol in the air. People have been saying that it was one of the worst as far as drinking goes. =\ Other than that it was a blast!
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