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Just put me in the car

..and drive so far.

The Ryan Gosling Fan Community
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

This is a Ryan Gosling fan community for Ryan Gosling fans to come together. This is strictly for Ryan fans. Feel free to post free graphics (friends only banners, lj icons, headers, layouts, blends, etc;). You can post news. Basically this is a community for Ryan Gosling fans to meet other Ryan Gosling fans, share the latest news, scans, images, and whatever else that is pertaining to Ryan Gosling and Ryan Gosling only.

&!; Don't promote graphic communities, rating communities, your graphic journal, or the like. If it has nothing to do with Ryan Gosling, dont promote it. Consider this your warning.
&!; NO FAKE CUTS! It violates the first rule. Post all graphics/icons and you may link to the original post but no TEASER icons!
&!; All big files (i.e images, graphics, icons,..etc;) must be under an LJ cut. Dont know what that is? Here, let me help you.. go HERE and it will help you. Please specify what is behind the cut.
&!; Other than that, be friendly. Dont disrespect the other members, you'll be warned.
&!; Always credit the person who has supplied you with information, a graphic, or anything. Its always nice.
&!; Absolutely no falsified information. Don't lie or make up things dealing with Ryan Gosling, please.
&!; Have fun!

If you're looking to be a mod and or an elite graphic maker for this community, please e-mail the owner of the community. If you wish to partner with this community, you may email the owner as well.


By the way, the mod is _eighty8 :)