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rulestobreak__'s Journal

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rulestobreak__ is the icon & graphic journal of michelle
(backbeatxrhythm). i am 20 years old & i live on long island. i am hoping to go to the chubb institute in the fall to get an associate's degree in graphic design, because i really enjoy making graphics using photoshop. that being said, these icons are not that good. all my graphics are made using adobe photoshop cs2 &/or adobe imageready & will include multiple fandoms which are ever-changing. for the most part, you will find hanson icons here, but that's not all of the time.

1//please comment in the entry which contains the graphic you wish to use. by commenting, you are (a) let me know that people are interested in my graphics, & (b) srsly boosting my ego, therefore encouraging me to make more icons.
2// icon credits are mandatory in either the keyword or comment sections of your userpics, no exceptions. failure to comply with this rule will result in immediate banning from the community. you may either credit this community or my personal journal.
3//if one of my non-icon graphics are used in your journal (i.e. friends-only banners, headers, or anything which can be used in your userinfo), you must credit me in your userinfo or in a resource post that can be easily found, no exceptions. failure to comply with this rule will result in immediate banning from the community. you may either credit this community or my personal journal.
4//you may use the graphics wherever you wish, but please provide a link back to this community when doing so.
5//no hotlinking.
6//i will take requests at any time; however, i cannot guarantee that they will be completed unless the graphic request is made in reply to an entry which specifically states that requests will be taken.
7//do not take it upon yourself to customize the graphics in any way, unless i post otherwise. if you want something tweaked, let me know & i’ll probably do it for you.
8// do not just add this community to your friends list without joining. i was friends-only for awhile, but now that i'm starting to come back from my semi-hiatus, i'm making the community public again. still, i'd really appreciate it if you joined, because it lets me know who's viewing the journal (not to mention making me feel good). :o)

the name of this community comes from the song dancin' in the wind by my favorite band of eight years, hanson.

won't deny everything can't last
but it's closing in so fast
thought that i'd figured it out at last
but you can't change the past
& it's closing in so fast

feels just like we're dancin' in the wind
feeling just alright
when we're dancin' in the wind
we can dance all night
all night
when we're dancin' in the wind

just don't walk away
when i've got you in my arms tonight
& i've got something to say
there are still rules to break
& this music is a place to hide
isn't it just a game we play


do you have a graphic journal?
are you interested in affiliating with rulestobreak__?
comment & add me, & i'll gladly return the favor!

mrsjcatalano coded [and helped me immensly with] my layout. the header was made by me.
additionally, credit for brushes, textures & gradients can be found inthis post.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License.