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rulestobreak__icons' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

there are still rulestobreak__ & this music is a place to hide
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+ 41 HANSON ICONS. [22 Mar 2007|05:14pm]

[ mood | creative ]

sorry to the, like, four people who are members of this community & not hanson fans, but their new album & recent concerts inspired me.

these are not the last of the hanson icons, either. muahahaha.

[001 - 027] the walk liner scans
[028 - 030] isaac & nikki's wedding (baby oren??!!?!)
[031 - 033] zac, kate, taylor, & natalie @ entertainment weekly's oscar party in nyc
[034 - 037] isaac & taylor @ the supper club in nyc on 03.06.07
[038 - 041] random weirdness that was hanging out on my computer, begging to be iconized

just don't walk awayCollapse )

remember to//
[//]credit in keywords or description
[//]upload to your own server (aka no hotlinking)
[//]enjoy :o)

there are still rules to break|& this music is a place to hide

+ ICON-MANIA FEAT. GREY'S ANATOMY [22 Sep 2006|01:35pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

i come bearing gifts. i've been working on these basically all summer (except for the grey's anatomy ones - i banged those out in about 2 weeks).

[003]king of queens
[007]stock photos
[074]grey's anatomy (all in charachter, most [if not all] season two, including everyone except burke & chief webber because i basically don't like them. ;o])

+; some of the hanson icons are really unique. i haven't seen anything like them around, & i had the stock photos saved, so i played around a little bit. i hope people enjoy & use them.

+; i know the summer icons are late, but i thought maybe someone would want to use them anyway, so i figured i'd post them. i'm actually pretty proud of them. :o)

+; while there are a massive amount of grey's anatomy icons, a lot of them are variations of the same icon. this means that i either couldn't decide which text/decoration fit the icon best, where i wanted to place it, or if i even wanted/needed something extra. i think there are only about 30 or so different pictures. also, #64 & #65 are the same icon; i'm definitely not taking the time to reorganize all the numbers, though, so deal. ;o)

+; i think i might have misnumbered or miscounted something, but i can't figure out what. let me know if you pick up on something. found it. there are eleven hanson icons; not 10. :o)

whoa whoaCollapse )

remember to//
[//]credit in keywords or description
[//]upload to your own server (aka no hotlinking
[//]enjoy :o)

...oh, & i met patrick dempsey on tuesday. hjkeahfuiehijenicuenwivhr is right!

there are still rules to break|& this music is a place to hide


as we know, this community is not that active because, well, i hate my home computer. over the summer i made tons of icons that i'm not sure why i didn't post, & in the past few days i've made something like 60 grey's anatomy icons, so there will be a huge post happening, most likely,sometime next week.

basically, what i need to know from you is this: should i make this community more active by posting whatever i make as i make it (meaning there will be more posts with less content), or just save the stuff i make until i have a substantial amount of graphics (meaning increased amounts of time between posts [probably something like 3-6 weeks])? submit below & when i post my next batch i'll announce the results.

thanks for voting! :o)

how frequently should i post icons?

whenever you make them, even if it's only a few at a time - i cn't get enough!
wait till you have a ton of them for me to choose from - i get upset when there are only 7 per post.
& this music is a place to hide

+EVERYBODY LOVES ICONS [21 Jun 2006|08:09pm]

[ mood | I HAVE TO PEEEEE ]

icons icons icons icons icons & more icons!
just because i know you all love them so. :o)

{13} hanson
{5} misc.
{5} gavin
{4} phantom of the opera [emmy rossum//christine daae]
{1} taylor hanson banner//small header//whatever the hell you want it to be
all nightCollapse )

remember to;;
;;enjoy :o)

there are still rules to break|& this music is a place to hide


[ mood | aggravated ]

well kids, i'm back. sorry for the unannounced hiatus.
the only ones i have time to post right now are the rent ones, but i have like 60 more that i've been working on for like, a week, so make sure you leave me an ego-boosting comment.
i've decided that i'm not going to be friends-only anymore, but i'm going to leave the earlier, shittier icon posts the way they are. that being said, please, if you like what you see here, join!

we can dance allllllllllll nighttttttttt!Collapse )

remember to;;
;;enjoy :o)

there are still rules to break|& this music is a place to hide

+MY FIRST TUTORIAL! [17 Jun 2006|02:33pm]

[ mood | productive ]

This is my first tutorial, so be kind! :o)
I use PSCS2, but I think it translates. I don't know, though - I've never used PSP.

We're going from this:

to this:

&/or this:

Requires some basic knowledge, I guess, because it plays with the selective color layer, but still, I consider myself a beginner & I did it ;o)
It's a little lengthy, but not difficult at all.

My first tutorial EVER is under here! OMG!Collapse )

PS - these icons are totally stealable, btw - just credit either rulestobreak__ or backbeatxrhythm. :o)

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+ 7 NEW ICONS. [15 Oct 2005|12:02pm]

5 straylight run
2 hanson

everyone had better welcome mrsjcatalano to rulestobreak__!!! ;o)

when we're dancin' in the windCollapse )

remember to;;

;;enjoy :o)
there are still rules to break|& this music is a place to hide

[14 Oct 2005|09:23pm]

hello folks. michelle wrangled me in to putting my art stuff up here too so here's some way old icons for y'all.

4 charlie and the chocolate factory
8 10 things i hate about you
1 gavin degraw
2 tyler hilton
1 nicole ritchie
4 mary kate and ashley
16 hanson

feelin' just alrightCollapse )
there are still rules to break|& this music is a place to hide


[ mood | anxious ]

i am back after a leave of absence. it's not that i've been busy, i've just been unmotivated. i've made one major change, though - from now on, to see the icons, you'll have to join the community. if you've only added me to your friends list, click here to join.

icon post to follow - be excited!

& this music is a place to hide

+ TOUR ICONS, ANYONE? [28 Aug 2005|08:17pm]

[ mood | hot ]

omfgzzz, two icon posts in as many days?

here are 24 icons, one for each date on hanson's live & electric tour.
(i think i might have switched the ohio dates. deal with it; i'm at the library.)

orlando has been added! cleveland & cincinnatti now have the correct dates! get 'em while they're hot! the only thing is, though - the cincinnatti on is 47kb, & since i am babysittng right now, i can't resize the file to 40kb. what you should do is save it, open it in photoshop/paint shop, save as .jpg, image quality=10. if you don't have photoshop/psp, i'm sure there's a way to do it - i just am not sure how.

& it's closing in so fastCollapse )

they all say "if you're looking for me" (the date & city) "i'll be at the show" :o)

& yes, i know allentown is there twice, but i have no idea which date i'm missing. help me out!

remember to;;
;;enjoy :o)

there are still rules to break|& this music is a place to hide

+FIRST ENTRY [03 Jul 2005|04:43pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

welcome to rulestobreak__, the graphic journal of backbeatxrhythm. make sure you read the rules in the userinfo before asking any questions.

once i make an icon post, you will be able to find all icons sorted by fandom in the memories.

also, and this is very, very important:
i do not know how to help you with them, i do not know how to code them, nothing. so please don't ask.

i will make an icon post just as soon as all of my icons are uploaded to photobucket. it will most likely include hanson, hilary duff, angelina jolie & gavin degraw.

thanks for checking out the community!

there are still rules to break|& this music is a place to hide

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