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Hi! I'd like to invite anyone who's interested to take part in the new community, sinsffchallenge!

It's challenge to write the same pairing for 52 seperate prompt/exercises, and I'm sure all of you are up to the challenge.

Feel free to stop by and check out the prompts and the rules. Membership is open and the challenge is here for anyone who will take it!

Ever at your pleasure,

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Attention Fanfic writers! Wanna get published? :D

Hi everybody! :D

I apologize if this is against the rules, but I just wanted to make an announcement to as many people as I could. I am trying to start a literary journal for just fanfiction, and I would like to make a call for submissions anywhere I can.

Details are here, in my journal.

I plan for it to eventually become a legitimate publication, but right now I just need help getting it off the ground. Thanks to anyone who's interested!

This is X-posted in a bunch of different places. Sorry if you see it more than once! ^^;


Well this is totally a long shot but if someone could help me I would bring cookies.

My friend and I were talking about Rufus recently and discussing fanart. She remembered a fanart she'd shown me a while ago that we loved of Rufus holding a couple of materia in his hand. After EXTENSIVE research, I found the artist was Side-R because we found stuff that matched. Or at least I think it's Side-R.

However I've been through like every fanart image dump I can think of and can't find this image.

Does anyone know if I am imaging this? My friend says it's like a headshot and Rufus is just holding a couple of materia in his hand, looking all sorts of awesome.

If anyone could help and end my search I would be your grateful slave in spirit. Thank you in advance!