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Inside the madness of it all

the sweetest remedy is truth

the most originial, the elite of rpgs.
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Dis Claimer: The graphics in this community belong to the owners and no one else, anyone caught stealing them will be reported to copy right infringement and or lj abuse they're not to be taken, altered or claimed as your own.
-Community owners

This community is a Degrassi The next generation role playing game, the rules, characters and community notes are below, Please notice that we will only accept mature, active and talented role players, If you are rejected, you are rejected We have the right to reject you. and I am sorry. All this means is that you are not right for our rpg, please do not ask for second chances, and any comments such as "may i ask why?" or "how come im rejected?" will be ignored. If you're completely baffeled because you were rejected here are some possible reasons why you did not get in.

1. Leet speak/internet slang. Is not acceptable.
2. Short entry/UnRealistic/Boring entry.
3. Uncredited icons/layouts/banners ect
4. You have horrid grammar
5. Lame user/aim names.
6. You just might not fit in with the majority of rpgers.

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1. Updating, should be done at least 2-3 times a week! The more the better! You WILL be cut for lack of updates, you don't get warnings, as in comments in your journal, you need to keep track.

2. Commenting, you need to comment on everyones (basic) entries, the more commenting the better!! You can be cut for lack of commenting.

3. You must have an AIM screen name and you need to be avialable for chat, a great deal or role playing goes on through AIM, you can always link your screen name, to your main one so you do not need to log into another aim account. You need to be on as much as you can.
If you do not know how to link your aim there is a tutorial here at this entry

4. Aviod character names in your user and AIM names, as in, if you're applying to be Ellie don't make your aim name "ellienashx234" boring, and lame, (no offense) Same for user names, If you're applying to be Craig don't make your username "CraigManning202" B O R I N G! let's get some creatativity flowing! And just to assure you, you can be rejected for bad/sucky user names.

5. We are not going by any episodes, of seasn 4. the last episode that has taken place would be "power of love." you may surf peoples unlocked journals for info for your first entry

6. Your entry must be up before applying otherwise it's a no, you also need a user icon (credited if made by you please note it)

7. I only want to say this once, DRAMA is good. V E R Y good! The only kind of drama we need to avoid is student death, adults may die! :) but not too many!

8. Please indicate when you're out of character, ex: OOC: ((ooc:)) [[Ooc:]]

9. You may be cut at anytime possible, Aly we has have that right.

10. You are making a commitment when joining this rpg, if you are unable to follow any rules this is not the rpg for you.

11. Please do as we ask, we won't make your character do anything, that's up to you, but if we ask for drama, we want you to bring it to us, if something you want to do is extreme clearify with one of the mods.

12. Your entry MUST be up when applying or it will be an automatic no.

13. Have fun and give all due respect to everyone in the community, Rpgs are fun and fake, you may leave this community at any time when needed, we will pend.

14. The community is now open for all members to post in. but all community post are to be friends only or will be deleted. ( i like neatness)

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note #1[March 31st 2005: 3:30 P.M]:(Community advertising) Yes we all know that community advertising is a pain in the ass, however, the only way to expand is to advertise this rpg, you may affiliate us, and promote in places where promoting is allowed, if you do not, you will give us a bad name, and we do not apperiate that.

note #2[April 08th 2005: 3:11 P.M]: (Revamping/Starting over) We promise not to re-vamp/re-start this rpg with out asking and getting a vote on it first, because that isn't fair to you guys, you kept the community going and have just as much responsiblity as we do, Mods will only treat you with respect, the same sort as you give them. we promise never to do such a thing to you, because we want all our members to be aware of any actions we are taking.

note #3[May 07th 2005: 02:36 A.M]: g'bye betse you will be missed

note #4[May 20th 2005: 9:56 P.M]: Good-bye old beautiful layout, and old slogan, we will miss you- love the community.

note #5[May 25th 2005: 11:16 P.M]: so long aly, our wonderful 3rd moderator, we will miss you we love you and hope to see you around in the summer!! we heart aly!

note #6[June 01 2005: 4:48 P.M]: WEWCOM BAWK AWY!
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role playing as: Ellie Nash
Rpg Journal: mixellpixell
Aim SN: RockettShipp (personal sn as well)

Aly (aWy)
role playing as: Paige Michalchuk
Rpg Journal: i_own_manolos
Aim SN: fashionista paige

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Your Name:
Your Age:
Your livejournal and AIM (this is optional but preferred to be answered):
Character Applying for:
Livejournal for your character:
AIM screenname for your Character:
Did you in fact read the rules:
Is your first entry up:
Do you have any current/recent or any role playing experience (provide as many links as possible):
Extra Comments/suggestions:

Already made one just copy the text inside this box and paste it when you go to fill out an application.

To assure us that you have read the rules, please make sure when we ask the question in the application "Have you infact read the rules:" Please write, "these winter days i find seems your always on my mind."

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Help us big time and apply for these characters before any others:
Emma Nelson:
Jay hogart:

Open characters:
Sean Cameron:
Chester Bloom:
Dylan Michalchuk:
Danny Van Zandt
Hazel Aden:
Kendra Mason:
Jay Hogart:
Liberty Van Zandt:
Matt Oleander: we really need a mr.o
Terri McGreggor:
Toby Issacs:
Chris Sharpe:
tyler bishop:
Heather Sinclaire:
J.t Yorke

(it's always good to try someone new!)
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(it is your responsibility to add everyone)
Taken Characters:
Alex: my_ex_is_queer AIM: WILL YOU DIE NOW
Amy: wastedxxxaway AIM: wastedxxxaway
Darcy: x_darcy AIM: Babi xx D
Jimmy Brooks:ballin_it_up AIM: BallinJimmy
Marco Del Rossi:
Ashley Kerwin: writeasong AIM: NoIxinxteam
Craig Manning: sayxforgetxit AIM: andinevermentto
Spinner Mason: beloudandproud AIM: sp1Nn3r st1x
Paige Michalchuk: i_own_manolos AIM:fashionista paige
Ellie Nash: mixellpixell AIM: rockettshipp
Manny Santos: defineinnocence AIM: xsilentxpoetx
Rick Murray: i_am_rick AIM: differentnow88
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Image hosted by Photobucket.com
layout and graphics- snowlikethat