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100% Intense

Degrassi Roleplaying

100% Role Playing
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This is a role playing community and I am yuor moderator ellie_x_nash
Yeah that means I am playing ellie lol
The co-mod is _paige_m_xo
so ask us if u need help with anything

1.Promote as much as you can so we can keep the community alive (you are aloud to promote)

2. Your character must have their own journal and own AIM or AOL name...you can use your current sn but it would be easier if you made one for your character.

3. If you are talking outside of character type OOC

4. try to type normal so we can understand what you are saying

5. Be nice- and try and watch your language...cursing is aloud but try not to do it to much

6. We are going to follow the show as much as possible like we will take it from the day after the school dance so we would be in summer. But if you are going to do something with another character talk to them first.

7. Try and keep things realisic....like Marco and Sean would never go out.

8. Ask before you create a journal and notify everyone when your journal and aim name is made. Also add everyone to your friends list.

9.Have an icon and user name that relates somehow to yuor character

10. Have fun:)


10th grade (going into 11th)
*Ashley Kerwin*-xpoeticxashx/ aim-
*Ellie Nash*- ellie_x_nash/ aim- msxnash
*Craig Manning*-downtown_craig/ aim- downtowncraig
*Marco Del Rossi*-OPEN
*Jimmy Brooks*-OPEN
*Paige Michalchuck*-_paige_m_xo/ aim-cheerpaigexo
*Hazel Aden*-OPEN
*Terri Mcgreggor*-OPEN
*Spinner Mason*-OPEN

9th grade (going into 10th)
*Emma Nelson*-emma__x/ aim-emma xenviorment
*Manny Santos*- Mannybabe_x0/ aim- Manny x 33
*JT Yorke*-OPEN
*Liberty Van Zandt*-OPEN
*Sean Cameron*-OPEN

*Dylan Michalchuck*-OPEN
*Chris Sharpe*-OPEN
*Kendra Mason*-OPEN

There are some other characters if I didnt put some on the list you wanna play just let me know.