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Rough Draft___

Donna's icons journal

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Hey all, welcome! This is DONNA's lj icons journal/community.
I have both PSP/PS and might get GIMP;however, I mainly use PS7 ONLY for my icons. I make a lot of things with a vast range of styles. I think I'm mot "known" for resources (e.g. brushes, textures), but I do post icons every now and then.

I don't require credit or commenting; just don't claim work as your own. I don't find what I do anything special, but it's fun and whether or not it's because of my capabilities or not, it's still my work, in some ways.

Why are there no resources? Because besides from my two first posts which basically should be deleted because of their suckiness, I don't use others' resources. If you ever need suggestions, I know people who I've seen time and time again who have showed a skill and uniqueness that the iconing community can learn from.

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  1. Change: Credit is not required. Credit is certainly appreciated and you'll be put on my "loved" list ;) for sure, but it's not like I'm going to plan a brutal torture for you just because you did not credit. I always ask for credit in each post, but this doesn't mean it's required.
  2. You do not claim the icon as yours. Yes, many resources I used e.g. pictures, stock photos, the programs, are not created by me, but I did do work to make the icon my own.

  3. Please don't alter the icons in any way with my permission. They took time to make..my free (or not so free) time. I'm fine if you just ask me ahead of time and do NOT take credit for the whole icon.

  4. If you use any extras I provide (ex. gradients, textures), please tell me and link me back. I didn't use anything else than the programs (usually this) and non-editted pictures found on google or stock photo sites. I am glad to have people use them though and once again, credit is appreciated, but no longer required.

Thanks and enjoy!

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