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HA...I am watching really, I am...and I noticed that inside the diner at Rodbells, there is a sign that says "We reserve the right to serve Refuse to anyone." HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

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Got this from another community;

Hi Folks,

I've been working on a TV Land show called "My First Time," which features celebs talking
about their first breaks into showbiz.

Wednesday night's episode features Sara G and Jim Belushi talking about their early
careers. Sara's ep features brand new interviews with Johnny Galecki, Roseanne and
various casting directors and producers involved in Roseanne. Wanna see a commercial
Sara was in when she was a cute little tot? Tune in!

The show airs Wednesdays at 10 PM EST/PST, repeats that same night, then again twice on
Sunday. Check your local listings. Future episodes feature John Schneider & Dean Cain,
Cheryl Ladd & Glen Campbell, and Mr. T & Cybill Shepherd. Eps that have aired but will be
repeated feature Henry Winkler & Katey Sagal and Ted Danson & John O'Hurley.
dog and fawn
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In the episode where Mrs. Wellman hits Roseanne's car...I LOVE the attorney. He is hilarious!!

"....not, not, not....not good in court."


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i would dare say that i've seen every episode of roseanne 3 times.


i just heard about it today on something nick at night was doing with becky #1 commentary
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... depressed.

Well. I'm watching the eposide of when Dan is in the hospital because of his heart attack. Listening to what they say, and knowing the real ending of the show, makes me want to cry. Thinking that Dan really didn't get his "few more years"... is heart breaking.