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AUDITIONS-Painted Perversion Rocky Horror Picture Show

Attention all actors, actresses, and general people who want to have fun;

Painted Perversion, Michigan's only continuing Rocky Horror Picture Show shadow cast is entering a new era. We are looking for anyone that likes to have fun and save the "drama for your mama". So, if you think you are a Brad, or a Janet, or even a Dr. Frankenfurter; be sure to come to the auditions for our upcoming show October 30, 2010 at the Mich...igan T...heatre.

I am Jon Rowland. Some of you may know me as the Master of Ceremonies for previous Painted Perversion shows and the Master of DC. I have been doing Rocky Horror for over 20 years and I have a passion for the theatre like no other. And I love The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Any show were you can shout lines, throw things and have fun for one evening is the show I love to be a part of in my life. Come join the fun with me and Painted Perversion will face this new era with the passion we all have for Rocky Horror.

Anyone auditioning be prepared to sing a piece from the show and a reading from the show. You can audition for any part. If you aren't sure you don't want to be in the "spotlight"; then anyone that wants to be a part of this new era of Painted Perversion come anyways. We are looking for tech and support crew for the entire show. Auditions will be held at the Michigan Theatre located at 124 N. Mechanic Street, Jackson MI 49201. Audition date is July 29, 2010. Audition times are from 6-8PM. Hope to see you there. Rocky Horror Forever!!!

Your Director,
Sole Owner
Painted Perversion
Jon Rowland
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