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Painted Perversion/The Rocky Horror Picture Show W/Special Guest

Hello fellow Transylvanians, Rocky Virgins and Worshipers of D.C.,

Hope each and every one of you enjoyed the holidays. It is a new year and Rocky Horror/Painted Perversion is celebrating this year with new and exciting pre-shows and contests. But we can't do Rocky Horror without your support. As it stands right now, this maybe the last Rocky Horror to ever grace the Michigan Theatre stage. We need at least 100 fans to attend and show your support. Otherwise, Painted Perversion and Rocky Horror will vanish from the history books as we know it. SO, invite your friends; invite your family; invite people off the street and come show the Michigan Theatre that Rocky Horror and Painted Perversion will be around for a long time from now. That said, onto the info you will need to know.

This month, Painted Perversion is proud to have as our guest Wednesday Lee Friday. Wednesday is an accomplished horror writer with astonishing tales of murder, pain, and pleasure (for more info, please visit her website at Wednesday will be on hand for an evening of Q/A and book signing (she will even amaze us by reading an excerpt from some of her books). If you are fans of Wednesday, then you know this is an opportunity not to miss. And if your not, come see why you should be fans of hers. You get all this and of course.......

Painted Perversion proudly presents The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Michigan Theatre in Downtown Jackson, Michigan. Be sure to come early to experience our unusual and entertaining Pre-Shows. Drag Racing Returns in a whole new way!! Come dressed in DRAG (men and women) and challenge our #1 Drag Racer to a race!! Also, the costume contest returns. For this month, come dressed as your Favorite RHPS character and win a prize (1st prize is a set of passes from the Michigan Theatre; 2nd prize is a "one of a kind" Painted Perversion panty signed by the entire cast).

Show date is March 27th, 2010 at 11:00 PM. Since the doors will open at 10PM, Wednesday will be doing Q/A from 10:30-11:00PM and then the book signing begins at 11:00PM (with pre-show to follow). Tickets are $10 per person (the updated price is for the cleaning and maintenance of the theatre, not our idea; but we understand the need for a cleaning crew). For that classic Rocky experience, audience participation prop bags will be free for every person with a paid admission. With that in mind; OPEN FLAMES, outside props, outside food/drink; will NOT be allowed at the theatre. This is a Rated R movie. 17 and up can get in to see the movie. Anyone younger than 17 can get in with parent or guardian who is 17 or older. IDs will be checked at the door, so please bring them if you want to get in. The Michigan Theatre is located at 124 N. Mechanic Street Jackson, MI 49201. Free parking is available north, south, and west of the Michigan Theatre. So, if you are in Jackson (or just want more information), just call (517) 780-3255 for advanced "Rocky Horror" tickets (please leave a message).

Added for the new year is the Michigan Theatre bar. That's right, the Michigan Theatre is now offering alcohol for those of you that can legally drink the night of Rocky Horror. For more information, please call the Michigan Theatre at (517) 783-0962.

For those of you who know of D.C. (you have seen him and his full glory), he returns once again to the delight of our fans and the giggling of the VIRGINS!!!! And if you have already seen our show, you know why you need to see it again!! So, spread the word and come do the Time Warp with us again!! If you saw our last show, Virgin Torture returns for another engagement this show. So, bring a Rocky virgin; they will leave wanting more.

PAINTED PERVERSION MERCHANDISE NOW FOR SALE!!!! T-shirts, panties, and buttons; OH MY!!! With Painted Perversion's very own logo; so that you may proudly display that you were "Painted" by the "Perversion". Please help keep Rocky Horror alive in Jackson. Proceeds from funds to the cast help pay for costumes, props, and set pieces.

Master Of Ceremonies

Jon Rowland

P.S. Painted Perversion is not affiliated with the Michigan Theatre. We only perform there. Any funds given to Painted Perversion is for the sole purpose of keeping Rocky Horror alive and well in Jackson, MI. If you have any questions about Painted Perversion, please e-mail us a . Come show your support and help keep Rocky Horror in Michigan!!
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