JD (luvrentboy) wrote in rocky_horror_,

I just got this email on MySpace:

This is gonna seem really random, but bare with me :-) I met you a couple years ago at the New York City RHPS convention. I was also the videographer of that clip of Eddie/Columbia singing 'Paradise..' I believe you have seen on YouTube.

I was contacted regarding the clip by a producer from Atlas Media Corp. and they want to use it in a film about Meatloaf. They will have a segment showing fans singing along to his music. (to capture how passionate people are about his songs) I wouldn't feel right sending the film away to be used without first getting your permission. I do not know if they will want a release from you or not, but I'll let you know when and if they do. There's no monetary compensation for your and my participation, but in the email they wrote... "but we would imagine that a fan such as yourself might get a kick out of appearing in a theatrically released film based on one of your favorite artists (or if that's not the case, that you'd still be interested in helping us out!)."

Riiiiight.... personally I like money, but I guess it's still nice to be recognized :-)

Let me know what you think. I have told them I would contact you before sending anything for them to use.

End of randomness. A prompt reply would be appreciated as they are working on a tight deadline (and being a filmmaker myself who's had deadlines... my sympathy to them)

If you havent seen the preshow yet go to:
click on videos at the top of the page.
Its Paradise by the dashboard Light.

Im so happy.

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