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RVD In Talks With TNA

Rob Van Dam was a guest on The LAW Sunday night with Dan "The Mouth" Lovranski and Jason Agnew on Sirius 98 Hardcore Sports Radio. During the interview, Van Dam talked about a number of topics, including RVD TV, Chris Masters returning to WWE, Tommy Dreamer winning the ECW title and more. While he did talk about enjoying his time away from the wrestling business, it's interesting to note that during the interview, he revealed that TNA Wrestling has been in "constant contact" with him as recently as this past week.


Video Of RVD On The Set Of His New Movie

Movieset.com has posted a behind-the-scenes video from the set of Rob Van Dam's new movie, "Wrong Side of Town." Van Dam says that the movie will give him a chance to show off his personality, which he didn't feel he was able to do while wrestling. "Wrong Side of Town" is currently filming in Los Angeles and will feature cameos by WWE superstar Batista and former WWE superstar Viscera. To see the video and read a synopsis of the film,click here.


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RVD Vs Sabu

In a battle of former ECW wrestlers, Sabu will be wrestling Rob Van Dam this Wednesday in Paris, France for the American Wrestling Rampage promotion.

The promotion's champion, Shawn Maxer, will also be involved in the bout as it's scheduled to be a three way elimination world title match. Visit www.AWRWrestling.com for more information.

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Have you people been watching the news lately? There’s just so much to talk about!

Yes, I made big news when I returned to WWE for the Royal Rumble- and yes, I did look good- OK, OK, real good-but I let’s talk about what’s on the TV news lately. We survived the Peanut Butter scare (most of us), we witnessed Jessica Simpson getting brutalized for looking bigger, and now the big news is that Christian Bale lost his temper and yelled at someone using adult language. Ooh. Shocking. Are you guys getting pelted with t his over and over?
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RVD Talks About Rumble Appearance

Rob Van Dam made a surprise appearance during Sunday night's Royal Rumble match before eventually being eliminated by Chris Jericho. Following his appearance, RVD appeared on the WWE Universe's live blog. RVD said he received a phone call from management to appear at the event just last Friday. "The idea to be in the Royal Rumble is only 2 days old. Got a phone call Friday and it worked out," Van Dam said. RVD also explained to fans that his appearance was a one time thing, but he appreciates the company's open door policy for him to return one day.

"I'm back in WWE..for tonight," Van Dam said. "Still happy at home. I'm not here full time by my own choice. I appreciate the open door that I have here and I appreciate being Home in California with Sonya even more." On how he felt being out there last night, Van Dam said "awesome." You can read a transcript of his chat session at the following link.