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AJ Styles walks to the ring in a snazzy suit, as Mike Tenay criticizes him for using a shortcut to get the win last night. As AJ goes on bragging about his victory, the crowd is giving him SERIOUS heat, to the point I thought Anderson was walking to the ring.

As AJ finishes his rant, RVD comes out to a huge pop to mark the first confrontation between him and AJ Styles in pro wrestling history. There are minute-long pauses after literally every other sentence because the crowd is so loud. Holy crap are they feisty tonight...

Anyway, RVD goes on to compliment AJ and say that despite the reaction he's getting, he IS a good wrestler, just not as good as him. But before he can get much further than that, Hardy comes out, immediately ripping into AJ and his huge ego. He says he's back in TNA to complete his collection of World Titles by earning the World Championship!

But the next contestant is Hulk Hogan
, who makes his way to the squared circle. Yet another huge reaction, and I can hardly hear Hogan complimenting the guys in the ring. Hogan says the time to raise the bar is now. But he goes on to say it's also about the business side of things, it's also about paychecks, looking straight at Styles. He says, turning to the other two, AJ does raise an important question; "Do you want it bad enough?". He says the winner of RVD vs. Hardy gets a shot at AJ's title! AJ objects and says he won't be ready for his match by Sacrifice. Hogan says the winner won't face him at next month's PPV, but TONIGHT in the main event!

Jeffy Hardy vs. RVD:

The two men shake hands and we're off! Both men are quite cautious locking up, and Hardy nearly turns around a waist lock into an early Twist of Fate! RVD looks surprised and backs off, and the crowd cheers their approval of skill from both men. Commercial time.

Back from commercial, RVD's cut has opened up again; RVD is on the apron and gives a corkscrew leg drop to Hardy on the railing! The crowd is going crazy for RVD! Back in the ring, Hardy is still slow and groggy, and RVD lands a huge cross-body for a near fall. Hardy manages to dodge and kicks out his knees to plant RVD's head into the corner! This lets Hardy get a series of lariat shots. RVD goes for Rolling Thunder but on the spring forward, Hardy clotheslines him perfectly in MID-AIR! The two are both very tired as the match is now over 10 minutes, and near falls are everywhere! Hardy misses his slingshot kick in the corner and RVD has time to hit the split leg moonsault for a 2 9/10th count! Front suplex from Hardy! Hardy misses a splash and RVD scurries up top to hit a Frog Splash for the win!

Great match!

Winner: RVD!

Hemme is in the back with RVD and Hardy, and RVD says he wants everyone to know they are both still friends. This is the first time I've ever seen this, but Hardy is given an opportunity to share his commentary on the highlights of his match, in the same style as you may see in MMA or boxing events.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match: AJ Styles(c) vs. RVD

AJ looks to be taking his time removing his robe, but he suddenly lunges at RVD and stomps him in the corner, busting his cut open yet again. RVD is still sore from his 12 minute match earlier tonight, and rolls outside only to get hit by a huge flip dive from AJ! His head hits the railing as he goes down.


We're told AJ has been in total control during commercial. AJ raises up during a leapfrog to trip up RVD, then lands a mighty dropkick. He throws him to the corner and lands some hard chops. Dragon Screw from AJ and he follows up with elbow drops to the leg! But RVD finally gets some offense with a spin kick that sends AJ flying. They're both hurt now, but they stand toe-to-toe exchanging shots in the center of the ring! RVD gets the best of it and monkey flips AJ when he stumbles over to the corner! Best AJ grabs his legs from the ground and quickly locks in a Figure Four Leg Lock! With considerable difficulty, RVD manages to get a rope break. Paylee from AJ! Rob blocks the Styles Clash and sends AJ over the ropes. AJ hangs on and leaps for a spingboard elbow, but RVD reverses into a spinebuster! RVD capitalizes with a flog splash and gets the 3-count!


Confetti falls from the ceiling and the babyfaces of the locker room comes out to congratulate him along with Dixie Carter. The Impact Broadcast ends with the crowd chanting "RVD"!
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