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Sting's music hits, and he's on his way to the ring. He still gets a decent amount of love from the crowd, even after his earlier actions, and carrying the bat, to remind the crowd of earlier actions. Taz tries to play it up like the crowd is mad at Sting, but he has to recant that when people are obviously bowing to Sting on his way to the ring.

-The crowd is chanting for RVD, and the letters flash on the screen. RVD had come to TNA.

-Van Dam jumps a barricade, goes to the top, hits a single leg dropkick, and follows it up with rolling thunder. Van Dam pins Sting, gets the three count, and it's over.

-RVD celebrates, but Sting is up, and he whacks RVD with the bat. Sting hits RVD in the leg, before hitting him across the throat. Sting goes to the back and leaves Van Dam laying in the ring. I'm not happy with how short that was, but hopefully we'll get a meaningful rematch out of it.

-Sting's apparently not done as he makes his way back down to the ring and gets in a couple more shots with the bat, including a big blow across Van Dam's back. Big you suck chants from the crowd, and I guess Sting found his heat. Sting goes to the back and argues with refs on the way, when they don't stop bothering him, he blasts one in the stomach, then another. Sting comes back and goes for the ring another time, and RVD says bring it on. Sting hits RVD with the bat, and Hogan's music hits.

-Sting is looking around, and Hogan comes out of the entranceway. Bubba the Love Sponge tries to stop Hogan, and Sting goes back into the ring. Security is stopping Hogan, and Sting is just standing in the ring, holding his bat and staring down Hogan. Sting turns around and drills RVD two more times, and Hogan just lets security hold him back. He finally breaks through and makes it all the way to the ring, when Sting goads him on and continues to hit RVD with the bat, but security holds him back. Eventually Sting whacks Hogan with the back, and now he's got to be helped to the back too. Sting follows after and beats his way through a security guard before hitting Hogan again and leaving him laying at the top of the ramp.

-Taz says they need help for Hogan, even though he was hit twice and RVD was hit at least a dozen.
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