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RVD Talks About Working With Paul Heyman Again, Wrestling AJ Styles & More

The UK Sun has posted Part 2 of their interview with former WWE & ECW Champion, Rob Van Dam. Van Dam talks about why he left WWE in June 2007, what he's been doing since then, what sets him apart from other wrestlers and more. You can read the entire part 2 at . Here are some highlights:

When asked whether he would return to World Wrestling Entertainment or perhaps make a run with TNA Wrestling, Van Dam said, "It's possible. Never say never." He went into detail about how the lighter TNA schedule is very attractive to him, but would consider returning to WWE if they could offer him the same reduced schedule." The talk of Van Dam wrestling for TNA led interviewer Simon Rothstein to ask what Van Dam thinks about what many fans would consider a dream match against AJ Styles. "I can tell you this — I don't sit at home and fantasise about matches with AJ Styles," he said. " I am a professional when I get in the ring . But as far as personal matches that go through my mind, and working with this guy or that guy, I don't give a f--- about that."

RVD spoke about his relationship with Paul Heyman and whether he would work with Paul should he return to the national wrestling scene with WWE/TNA or start his own company. "I do talk to Paul a lot and we do chat about hypothetical situations and what's going on in our minds," Van Dam said. "I will always be a soldier for Paul and always have interest in hearing anything that he's got to say. If he asked me to do him a favour then of course I would. But Paul also knows, if he wants to take me away from home, then just like the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase everybody has their price."
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