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Greetings everyone. I hope you are all feeling the best you’ve ever felt in your entire life- today! 

Is that too much to ask?

What's up?


Wednesday, Oct 7th we will have our first fan appreciation day...or as I call it-"the Sell Out Show”!

Go to to RVD RADIO between 6-8pm pst, or call (347)308-8754 to talk or to listen in.

If you’ve ever thought of calling in but haven’t had the courage, this is your night. 

Estimated caller waiting time...3 minutes! Ahem, you know, after you let me monologue at the beginning. 

Once we start taking calls we will not be telling long stories. We will not be passing 2 hours of air time with long conversations with celebrity friends. We want to hear from you. I'm going to do my best to keep the phone lines clear for you.

The topic...hypothetically... would you rather see RVD go to WWE, or TNA?

Feedback I get personally on the street is about 50/50, which I find surprising.

Here's your chance to give me your thoughts. Go to anytime between now and Wednesday night and vote on WWE or TNA in our new free forum. Which brings me to my next topic. 

We are very excited(stoked for the west coasters) to announce a new added feature to the web site...a FREE RVD TV limited membership!

Sign up now- no credit card needed- fuck the credit card-and immediately connect with other fans on our forums, post questions in the RVD Room for me to answer via video blog, and enjoy-for the first time ever- 4 full length free episodes that we picked out for you. For the sake of name dropping, you just might see the likes of the lovely Christy Hemme, Hurricane Helms, Shelly Martinez, Daniel Logan(cough-Bobba Fett), Chris Nowinski, and other familiar faces on these episodes. This is the start of something bigger.

Check out our episodes and then leave me a message in the forums.  This new feature is made possible by our advertisements, so please visit our sponsors so we can keep growing.

The RVD Room will be the best way to get a message to me. I’ll still check my myspace site but I seem to spend most of the time there taking off all those silly  “Do you like me?” comments. We’ll be adding more and more interactive features to to generate some more traffic flow, cause we got HUGE pans.

Last weekend, I spoke at the NORML conference in San Francisco about cannabis and athletics. Speaking and answering questions along with me were football hero Mark Stepnoski and MMA fighter Toby Grear. It was a good event with a lot of important information being spread around. I look forward to the next event. We have a lot of reason to feel optimistic about the future. We all do.

So, how about showing some responsibility , tokahs?

Since the new marijuana decriminalization bill was passed by the voters of Massachusetts last year, criminal penalties for possessing an ounce or less have been eliminated, and offenders are looking at a hundred dollar fine. Many cops and other folks are frustrated at all the loop holes this leaves in the law-such as -minors with alcohol can be arrested but not minors with pot. What’s worse, is that the tokahs( say it with a Boston accent) don’t have to show their identification to cops-that's weird-and their defiance of the law seems to leave law enforcement powerless to do anything about it.

A Herald review found that an amazing 83 percent of 415 tokahs that were cited since January have simply refused to pay the $100 fine.

Does this sound crazy to you? Instead of going to jail, you pay a fine like a parking ticket. Shouldn’t you be grateful and try to set standards of responsibility? Maybe trying to encourage these progressive measures towards freedom?

Decriminalization sounds like a good thing on the surface, but it seems to be a pacifier to appear like progress, while it’s design causes problems in society that will be used as evidence in arguments to maintain prohibition. I was reading an interview from Rich Lee of Oaksterdam, San Francisco where he talks about during alcohol prohibition, alcohol was decriminalized. The situation of being able to possess but not produce or transport or sell created enormous violence and crime and profits for gangstas like Al Capone and Tommy Gunn. Go figure.

Coming up later in the week on RVD TV...check me out-sporting my new gold! I’ll have some pretty awesome footage up of me and my shiny WSW World Championship on our second episode to be filmed in Portugal! You already know how cool I look wearing championship bling!

Friend, mentor and hero Jack Herer-the Hemperor- has been in a coma for several weeks now in Portland, Oregan, after suffering a heart attack. I’m told he’s making progress so be optimistic and if you want to send Jack an email you can do so through his wife

You’ve obviously caught a blurb about Roman Polanski’s recent arrest, right?

It is amazing how some of Hollywood stands behind this guy! I feel really bad for him that his wife was murdered by the sick- fuck followers of Charles Mansion in 69. Real bad. Still, at 43 years of age, he drugged a 13 year old girl, fucked her in every hole, and fled the country to escape prosecution(and to shack up with a 15 year old Nastassja Kinski!). What’s to forgive? I don’t care if he made the world’s top ten best movies of ALL TIME! He still has to be held accountable for his actions. Anybody disagree? Does it matter that it happened 30 years ago?

There seems to be an amazing contrast of opinions here. Share your thoughts.

By the way, Helter Skelterist Susan Atkins-who helped kill Roman’s wife Sharon Tate by stabbing her 16 times, died of brain cancer last week at 61. What a nutty bitch!

I know you heard about David Letterman’s shocking sex scandal. He had sex with women that he works with! Oh my God! Who gives a fuck, right? The guy with that information tried to blackmail Dave-who said Fuck it. Yes I did.

Amazingly, this has made world wide headline news and what’s funny is all the speculation from the media. These creatures are entertaining to observe. They wonder “Was there any forced action?” and “Was there inappropriate harassment” and then they have the experts on the air to explain what constitutes sexual harassment within the work environment. How about, just maybe,  these girls wanted to chin-slap his balls because he’s David fucking Letterman? Isn’t that likely?

I know. 


I'm just saying.

You guys catch Ray Park on Heroes? He's doing his thing, kicking ass. Very fitting after playing the awesome parts of Darth Maul, Toad in the X-Men, The Headless Horseman and Snake Eyes in G.I. Joe! He has taken part in some of the coolest projects!

I'm glad Heroes... along with Dexter and Californication... and Nitro Circus and Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory are back because sadly, many shows have departed for the season. Entourage appears to be preparing for a series wrap. Hope not.

If you want to try something really nasty with me, I'm drinking a shot of apple cider vinegar every morning because I've been told convincingly that in 2 weeks it 'll makes arthritic and joint pain go away. It's day 7 and so far all I can say is that this stuff does NOT taste good. Anyone ever tried this?

SVD's been surfing a lot. We both tried it together, in Hawaii, and had two different experiences. She loved it and I hated it. I planned on liking it but I found it to be way too much work for very little pay off. The paddling and the paddling and the paddling with the salt water smacking me in the face and burning my eyes was not worth standing on the board for a few seconds. If I could turn 360's and jump the waves I'm sure it'd be a blast but that's not going to happen. I'm glad that she enjoys it so much. Surfer chicks. Holla.

Here's some food for thought. I want to talk about this on next week's RVD RADIO show. While listening to a friend complain that cameras record you everywhere and there's no privacy any more, I stated what a different view I have. I don't want to be filmed while I'm in the bathroom or anything like that, but I'm glad there are so many cameras. I love that bad people get caught al the time taking advantage of, hurting or killing people on video camera. If you feel like you can't get away with anything anymore, what are you doing? Is the problem really that you don't like yourself enough to show everyone who you are or is there more to it? If my wife came up missing and police could show me everywhere she'd been in the last four hours, that's golden! You may be surprised to get this point of view from me since I'm always fighting for freedom, but there are a lot of A-holes that you need to be protected from.

Plus it's fun when celebrities lose their private sex tapes.

All right. Let's recap. for free RVDTV, RVD RADIO, and posting comments or questions to me. Cast your vote while you're there, and start spreading the word about our new features.

What else...oh...have a great day!

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