RIP Chris Benoit

Victory Road PPV Results 7/11/10

Mr. Anderson vs. Abyss vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Rob Van Dam

We go to the ring for tonight’s main event and out first is Mr. Anderson. Abyss is out next and he brings his board full of nails. Out next is Jeff Hardy followed by the TNA World Champion Rob Van Dam. We get formal ring introductions from Jeremy Borash.
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RIP Chris Benoit

RVD Comments On TNA Not Using Him At Destination X

TNA star Rob Van Dam posted the following message on his official website over the weekend .. Van Dam says he showed up to the airport on Saturday to fly to Orlando assuming he was booked for last night's TNA Destination X pay-per-view:

Well, it sure is nice to hear people on the streets telling me they’re glad I’m back. For almost three years I’ve heard how much they “need” me back. Tonight when I go through the airport I’ll most likely hear “Dude, I’m so glad you’re back” and I’ll smile, thinking of these words that you and I have shared. It’s almost like we have an inside joke. Isn’t that special?

I guess I was a little too anxious to hear those words last night, as I was told at the airport that I was 24 hours early!

My bad. Thought I was booked or something.

I actually had several reasons to think I was expected at a pay per view from conversations earlier in the week, and the schedule they gave me, but it all boils down to me not paying attention. I simply didn’t know what the date was yesterday or I would’ve known I misunderstood plans. That’s what happens when you don’t worry about anything, and are so care free you don’t plan ahead.

Sometimes it bites you in the ass!

RVD on His TV Return, Cheech & Chong on RAW & More recently conducted an interview with Rob Van Dam to promote this weekend's WrestleReunion event. Here are some highlights:

RVD on returning to TV: That I don't know. I guess as soon as and if a deal is worked out between myself and a wrestling company that is on television. I don't have any hidden information to offer right now. No deals have been made. But I am feeling more ready than I have been in the last three, actually more ready than in the past five years to actually consider enjoying wrestling again.

RVD on the new TNA: I actually am very much more interested since they've been there. I think that they've shook the wrestling world up and made it interesting again. The Monday night, January 4, airing of TNA up against WWE was by far their highest rated show and was the highest rated Monday night in a long time. All wrestling fans were tuned in flipping back and forth and that was very interesting because for a very long time there hasn't been much to be excited about. There is always something better on the television in the Van Dam household than wrestling and that's been that way for the longest time. But I tuned into wrestling. I felt the optimism as Hulk Hogan talked about changes being made. And I appreciate what TNA is doing trying to make a lot of noise that a lot of people will hear. I know that it is not a short-term plan but they plan on continuing to make noise. So we'll see what happens. We'll see if I fall into that or not.

RVD on Cheech & Chong hosting RAW: I'm a fan of Cheech and Chong just like anyone that has enjoyed their movies. I don't know that a lot of the young kids are going to know who Cheech and Chong are unless they saw the old DVDs. But anyway, they represent marijuana and obviously WWE changes their cycle of policy with everything. Every three or four months they change policy. This is cool and this isn't cool anymore. And then in a few months we'll have a meeting and now this is cool and this isn't cool. We need this and no more of this. And that has always been the deal. Vince [McMahon] has a bunch of advisers and he listens to whoever gets through to him the most and that causes him to change his policy. Because different people get through to him on different days. Cheech and Chong, hopefully it will be good for the fans and they will enjoy it. I've gotten a lot of feedback from the fans saying: “Hey, they're asking for you”. No they're not asking for me. They're just having Cheech and Chong doing guest cameos.
Xuny Rude

RVD Explains How He'd Spice Up Wrestling, Talks WWE-TNA

Former WWE & ECW Champion Rob Van Dam was interviewed by to promote this weekend's WrestleReunion event in Los Angeles
. Some highlights:

How to "Spice Up" Today's Wrestling: "I would say bring back the day of the jobber. When I was a fan, when I was younger, wrestlers were larger than life because I would watch them totally annihilate some local scrub, some guy that was in the ring, I didn't know who the jobber was. We called those enhancement matches and they hardly ever do them anymore. That to me was how you build the wrestler, and when I found out two of these superstars would be battling each other, whether it was near me at a live show or when it was on Saturday Night's Main Event, that was huge and it drew great interest and enthusiasm because I got to see these two big wrestlers who I've seen just destroy everybody actually face each other."

Van Dam feels that the Monday night wars forced both companies to abandon jobbers and always put on marquee matches, but looking back, it's hurt the companies' abilities to build stars and the overall product:

"Ever since Monday Night Wars, every single match from the bottom to the top of the card seems like it has to be main-event quality -- superstar vs. superstar, superstar vs. superstar -- and then you gotta find a political way to go into the finish, you know, to try to deck one guy while doing what you want with the other. It's a bunch of bulls**t I think. You know, I really think that the enhancement matches were what brought everybody into WWE in the '90s."

Returning to WWE or Going to TNA: "I mean, it's possible that I could be interested in either TNA or WWE if it was the right amount of work vs. pay ratio. That's basically what it is, and I haven't had that deep of conversations with anyone yet, really. So I don't know if it's out there or not, since I haven't been the active one out there pursuing, you know, the information comes to me as it comes when they're reaching out to me."
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Rob Van Dam Comments On Whether H'ell Be At TNA iMPACT!

Former WWE superstar and free agent Rob Van Dam posted on Twitter
that he had "big wrestling plans" for January 4, with a link to his website,

In a new blog posted on Sunday, Van Dam addressed the rumors that he will appear at TNA iMPACT! He wrote:

The wrestling business is exciting for the first time in quite awhile. This Monday kicks off the new ratings war between WWE and TNA-like I have to tell you! I admit, I am interested in the hype. In fact, I feel like I’m involved with this new era just because of the ginormous rumors involving me and a return. I’m going to say this-even though I know it won’t do much good-don’t be mad at me that you tuned in to see your favorite wrestler and I wasn’t there. I’m going to be watching with you.

RVD Update

During a recent interview with, Rob Van Dam said he spoke with TNA president Dixie Carter about joining the company. However, he would not confirm whether he was joining TNA or not.