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Name.jackie Age.15 Location:long island yea sup.

10 bands:death cab for cutie. reggie and the full effect. the honorary title. the blood brothers. horse the band. head automatica. the beatles. he is legend. queen. backstreet boys<3<3

5 movies:empire records. the butterfly effect. pretty woman. animal house. the rocky horror picture show♥

What are your views on abortion? it depends. there's too many different ways to view it for me to be definately sure. im more to the against it side, i'd rather it be illegal. if you are about to have a child that you cant support properly, there are always things like adopting or homes. but like i said, it really depends on the persons situation, life and problems.

Same sex marriages?i think if your in love then you should be able to marry whoever you want whether its a donkey, a turtle, or someone of the same sex.

Now, make us laugh:lolz ummmm...............

when im in good moods i dance around in my underwear to the backstreet boys. sometimes hip hop or techno, or even disco if im in a really good mood.
the other day though was different. i found out i was going to see the rocky horror picture show live with my cousin at midnight. so i danced around to my ringtone, cause its cute, for about 3 hours straight. i've never been happier. my mom thought i was on crack. after a while i started to sweat so i hopped into my pool. but i was bored so i got my phone and danced in my pool.
now everytime someone calls me i wont pick up till i get a good little dance out of me first.

i tried. im really not too good at making people laugh
and this story is 94389x more funnier when i say it in person cause ill actually demonstrate to you how i danced.

Promote us (x2):http://www.livejournal.com/users/xcaughtfiree/14669.html?view=41805#t41805

5+ photos:
my camera is broken so deal, these are from the winter.

i rock hard

brit me & trina hehe.

lmao we're uber gay.


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