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So my brother is on vacation right now and I don't like him to much anyway. BUT! I have awesome little cousins who are madd cute and I like them better. so here ya go. Photobuckets been really mean to me latley so I hope these show up, and stay up.

                                                                                          Jack with my sunglasses on
                                             When I was babysitting him, he sat on the chair with the blanket like that for like 20 minuets
                                                                                                 Patrick looks evil!!! mwhahaha
                                                                                Can't you see how happy he
                                                                                              Patrick on the swing
                                                                                     Jack coming down the slide...oh how i miss swing sets
                                                                                           Proff my family rocks.....or that we are all insane<3

Lemme know if they won't show up cause seriousally photobucket has not been working for me at all it makes me so mad.


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