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Name. Age. Location: Amy. 13. Florida

10 bands: Sublime, Aerosmith, Killers, Greenday, Offspring, Bowling For Soup, Counting Crows, 3 doors down, Straylight Run, Hot Hot Heat

Im quite sorry if my bands suck, im more of a broadway-type-of-girl

5 movies: In America, Connie and Carla, Girl Interupted, Phantom Of The Opera, Chicago.

What are your views on abortion? Im a prochoice. I mean Godforbid a girl got raped- it obviously wasnt under her control, so she shouldnt have to go through all of the stress and responsibility of having a child. But if you just werent "careful" and forgot to use protection, then I dont think killing a few cells in your body is the best choice.

Same sex marriages? I have no idea why this situation is so important- If you love someone, and they love you- go for it. Personally, i find that congress should but out of this topic and let all lovers be.

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