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A Fanfiction Revolution

A fanfiction revolution
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For serious writers of Les Miserables fanfiction:

This is a community dedicated to the writing, sharing, discussing and reviewing serious Les Miserables fanfiction. If you haven't read the book, don't bother joining. This community advocates proper spelling and grammar, historical accuracy, canon accuracy, creative plots and well thought character development. If this sounds like the way you write, or if you're just sick of the rubbish on fanfiction.net, we would love to have you!

A few rules:

1. Members must be approved by the community's moderators, Letitallgo and Latin_cat. We do this to ensure the quality of the writing in this community.
2. All members have posting access. Stories, poems, research questions, canon questions, writing questions and community promoting posts are all allowed. Please put long posts under a livejournal cut. If a post contains adult content, please include a warning.
3. No flames, no insults. Be nice.

This community also has monthly fic challenges (in theory, at any rate).

Web Site List

AmZ's website
JenValjean's Website
Letitallgo's website