RulEs - Obey or suffer under Kuro-pin's blade

o1. No god-modding! - No one likes a cheater, and we're no different here. If you need a character to react a certain way, contact the character's player first and ASK. Players, you CAN give another player permission to auto your character if needed. The only exception to this rule will be if we decide to move your character along when you haven't posted for weeks. (Also known as the "Hand of kami-sama" rule.)

o2. Be semi-active! - Please try to post once a week, by the 7th day following your post at the latest. (ie: If you post on Saturday at 9:00pm, then you should post at least once again by the following Saturday at midnight.) We understand it can be easy to fall behind, especially in the beginning when an RP is moving so quickly from the excitement. Please don't be afraid to ask for help jumping back in if you need it! Likewise, if you feel overwhelmed or need a break, please let us know.

o3. No more than 1! - In the world of Tsubasa, there are many versions of the same person, one (sometimes more?) on each world. To avoid confusion and favoritism we will only be allowing one of each character. Any other "versions" will be NPC's (played by mods only), so it's first come first serve. If someone takes Clow-Country!Tori as a character then that's it. No one else will be allowed to play any other version of him but the mods, as an NPC.

o4. No Mary-Sue's! - Original characters are allowed and somewhat encouraged, but please don't hop in with any Mary-Sue's. Mary-Sue's are characters that are perfect in everyway, or exact versions of existing characters. No Syaoran look alikes, no Sakura clones, no Kurogane twins, and no Fai duplicates. There is a good reason we included rule 3.

o5. Submit sample! - All players are required to submit a sample rp to qualify for series characters. Original characters are required to fill out a bio sheet and sample rp for approval. Sample rp's are the same for both canons and originals, but must be filled out according to the character you are applying for.

o6. Character journals are optional! - You will need a journal before you can join the RPG, but it is not required for you to update the journal ITSELF. (So, you don't have to post anything like "A day in the life of Mokona" or anything like that (Although that would be freaking cute. XD)) All you need is a journal to be able to post in character in the community.

o7. Have fun! - Get to know everyone and make friends. Things may get grim for our characters, but try not to take things too serious to the point you end up feeling overwhelmed. Everyone here will help you with anything, be it getting into the story or staying active!

o8. Anything goes, lemons too! - Shounen-ai, Shoujo-ai, and het intimate romantic relationships is allowed between characters, but must be kept light or behind cut with a warning.

o9. Hold the spam, please! - No spamming! OOC comments are allowed, but seperate them from your character posts.

1o. Do not insult other players! - Respect one another's differences. Flaming will absolutly not be tolerated and will result in automatic banning without question or warning! Um, you have been warned!
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