Another Salazar Tribute + Leon/Ashley amv

Hey again~

Heh, I'm on a roll when it comes to making vids for this fandom it seems!

I don't usually make more than one vid dedicated to a character, so this is pretty new for me:

It's a little more serious in tone than my other vid for Salazar; I love this song, this was fun to make!

Aaand here's an Ashley/Leon vid I made for my sis who looves the pair:

A little thank you for showing me such a cool fandom c:


Salazar Music Vid Tribute

Hi there! *wave*

I'm still a fairly new fan (got into the game because of my sis), so I haven't done much in way of fic or art yet, unfortunately. But soon! *shakes fist*

Ramon Salazar is definitely my favourite character from the game, so I thought I'd share this music vid I made as a tribute to the 8th castellan:

Enjoy! (:

Also, if anyone has suggestions of songs that remind one of Salazar or Salazar pairings, feel free to suggest 'em and I'll see what I can do~