Okay everyone first of all welcome. This is the thread where you can post your application for the RP just so I can get to know you a little better. I will have it so if someone is inactive for 3 weeks, they're gone. I would like everyone to update every 2 weeks, if possible although I encourage more, just so we can have a lively RP experiance. Here's the app.
Your real LJ:
Your AIM:
Age:(no one under the age of 16, sorry)
Name of character you want:
Character LJ:
RP experiance or fanfic writing:(I would like to see how you write before I put you in the game. Just to get your vibe. If you don't have any RP experiance or fanfic writing just an intro post in your characters journal will do.)
Character IM: (please have it so it has something to do with your character):

For original characters:
Your real LJ:
Your AIM:
Name of your character:
Sexuality of character:
History on your character:
PB for your character: (Make sure it's not taken already!)(A PB is the person that will be in your icon for your character. It can be any celeb you like.)
Occupation of character:
Character IM:

I think that's it for now. If you have any questions feel free to IM me on saralovesrent or email me at

Your loving mod,
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