out of the ground, into the sky.

out of the sky, into the dirt.

at least i know i'm a sinner.
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this community is for rejects. (those we believe in rejectism.)
[see faith for the faithless.] [see satire.]

you are now a traitor to your god tell me judas,
how does it feel to be looked down upon?


god; kurt cobain
jesus; bert mccracken
joseph; john feldman
mary; debbie harry
pope; morrissey
preist; father george stroumboulopoulos
bishop; jim morrison
the three wise men; john reese, paul gomez & craig aaronson.
satan; courtney love
delilah; kelly osbourne

jesse lacey, vin accardi, brian lane, garrett tierney, quinn allman [judas], jepha howard, branden steineckert, dave grohl, krist novoselic, mark hoppus, tom delonge & travis barker.

st. aimee of start, st. john of straylight, st. michelle of straylight, st. daryl of glassjaw, st. adam of sunday, st. christian of stun, st. bobby of stun, st. neil of stun, st. nick of stun, st. adam of grace, st. neil of grace, st. barry of grace, st. brad of grace, st. kris of atari, st. brandon of incubus, st. mike of incubus, st. ben of incubus, st. jose of incubus, st. dj killmore of incubus, st. gavin of bush, st. nigel of bush, st. dave of bush, st. robin of bush, st. gerard of romance, st. ray of romance, st. mikey of romance, st. frankie of romance, st. matt of romance & st. pete of fallout.

bible study; "maybe memories", "punk rock halocaust", & "with the lights out".
holy water; vodka
the original holy water; cheap whiskey
the other holy water; rum

thee eleven commandments;
1. thou shall worship any god they choose.
2. thou shall not accuse the lord, kurt of suicide.
3. thou shall observe any music-filled evening as holy.
4. respect your musical family.
5. do not commit murder unless necessary.
6. commit to a relationship ...until there is nothing left to commit to.
7. do not steal...much.
8. do not assume. it makes an ass out of you & me.
9. do not go to the movies with your friend’s interests.
10. do not desire to be another band work hard & you can make it too.
11. *ROCK OUT*

if thou shall honour & believe all above from the bottom of their fucking hearts, they are ready to be rejected.

aka; join it up motherfucker!