it has been recently announced that a new nirvana cd will be released on november 1st, 2005. entitled "sliver the best of the box", the 22-track disc will feature rarities from the 2004 box set release "with the lights out" & will pre-order very soon.

*Spank Thru - from 1985's "Fecal Matter" demo tape featuring Kurt Cobain on guitar and vocals with Dale Crover (of The Melvins) on bass and drums.
Heartbreaker - Led Zeppelin cover recorded live at Nirvana's first performance (at a 1987 house party)
Mrs. Butterworth - undated rehearsal demo
Floyd The Barber - 1988 live recording
Clean Up Before She Comes - undated home demo
About A Girl - undated home demo
Blandest - 1988 studio recording
Ain't It A Shame - Leadbelly cover recorded in 1989 and featuring Mark Pickerel (of Screaming Trees) on drums.
*Sappy - 1990 studio recording
Opinion - 1990 solo acoustic radio performance
Lithium - 1990 solo acoustic radio performance
Sliver - undated home demo
Smells Like Teen Spirit - 1991 pre-Nevermind rehearsal recording
*Come As You Are - 1991 pre-Nevermind rehearsal recording
Old Age - 1991 Nevermind outtake
Oh The Guilt - from 1992 Touch and Go split-single with The Jesus Lizard
Rape Me - 1992 acoustic home demo
Rape Me - 1992 electric studio recording
Heart Shaped Box - 1993 Rio de Janeiro studio recording
Do Re Mi - 1994 home demo
You Know You're Right - 1994 home demo
All Apologies - 1994 home demo
* Please note that tracks 1, 9, and 14 are previously unreleased.

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"i caught fire"

The Used are shooting their new video on Wednesday June 29 for I CAUGHT FIRE with Kevin Kerslake who has shot the majority of Nirvana's videos as well as videos for Red Hot Chil Peppers, Faith No More and Velvet Revolver among others.