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out of the ground, into the sky. [entries|friends|calendar]
at least i know i'm a sinner.

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[21 Jul 2007|12:53am]

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so no one else forgets... [20 Feb 2006|06:01pm]

happy woulda-been 39th birthday kurt!

sliver. [04 Oct 2005|10:10pm]


it has been recently announced that a new nirvana cd will be released on november 1st, 2005. entitled "sliver the best of the box", the 22-track disc will feature rarities from the 2004 box set release "with the lights out" & will pre-order very soon.

*Spank Thru - from 1985's "Fecal Matter" demo tape featuring Kurt Cobain on guitar and vocals with Dale Crover (of The Melvins) on bass and drums.
Heartbreaker - Led Zeppelin cover recorded live at Nirvana's first performance (at a 1987 house party)
Mrs. Butterworth - undated rehearsal demo
Floyd The Barber - 1988 live recording
Clean Up Before She Comes - undated home demo
About A Girl - undated home demo
Blandest - 1988 studio recording
Ain't It A Shame - Leadbelly cover recorded in 1989 and featuring Mark Pickerel (of Screaming Trees) on drums.
*Sappy - 1990 studio recording
Opinion - 1990 solo acoustic radio performance
Lithium - 1990 solo acoustic radio performance
Sliver - undated home demo
Smells Like Teen Spirit - 1991 pre-Nevermind rehearsal recording
*Come As You Are - 1991 pre-Nevermind rehearsal recording
Old Age - 1991 Nevermind outtake
Oh The Guilt - from 1992 Touch and Go split-single with The Jesus Lizard
Rape Me - 1992 acoustic home demo
Rape Me - 1992 electric studio recording
Heart Shaped Box - 1993 Rio de Janeiro studio recording
Do Re Mi - 1994 home demo
You Know You're Right - 1994 home demo
All Apologies - 1994 home demo
* Please note that tracks 1, 9, and 14 are previously unreleased.

credit & more information;

oh bert. [30 Jun 2005|11:59am]


"i caught fire" [24 Jun 2005|12:15am]

The Used are shooting their new video on Wednesday June 29 for I CAUGHT FIRE with Kevin Kerslake who has shot the majority of Nirvana's videos as well as videos for Red Hot Chil Peppers, Faith No More and Velvet Revolver among others.

jesus doesnt want me for a sunbeam [07 Mar 2005|11:23pm]


it's like a rejectism christmas. [25 Feb 2005|01:06am]

happy bertday errbody.
i don't know about this one;


it's alright to tell me, what you think about me; [22 Feb 2005|07:11pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

i don't care a great deal. but, since they're rejectism disciples: i feel the need to say blink-182 broke up.
what can ya do?


people like you should be crucified. [08 Feb 2005|11:34pm]

[ mood | jesus loves you! ]

hearts; dani

[05 Feb 2005|03:15pm]

Jesus thinks you're a Jew. He's got a special place
reserved for you, you dirty stinking Jew.

What does Jesus think of you?
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sitting here drinking penny royal tea; steals the life that's inside of me. [31 Jan 2005|09:03pm]


jepha mutha effa [25 Jan 2005|04:49pm]

[ mood | relaxed ]

rock beast; i have noticed as a band you thrive of playing live & creating music, what is it about music that you love so much?

jepha mutha effa; everything about it, the fact that when you hear a song it can turn you from being happy to sad or sad to happy & that i think it’s amazing & the closest thing we will ever get to godliness possible.

damn straight! check out the rest of the interview here;

hearts; dani

whoaa [14 Jan 2005|04:00pm]

Krist Novoselic announced his retirement from the music industry in 2003, but he hasn't ruled out releasing new material. "I have my studio, and I'm recording things and I have as much fun as possible," says the former Nirvana bassist. When might the home-brewed tapes surface? "You might be surprised, like later in the year," he says. "Right now, I'm just doing it for myself, and that's what it's all about."

three cheers!

jesus wins skankiest celebrity! [29 Dec 2004|01:43am]

[ mood | mellow ]

it's from an AP magazine reader's poll.

i'm so proud!!
& if you need proof of this, go watch punk rock holocaust. [which has officially been inducted into bible study.]

less than threes & killing sprees; dani

this man is a genius [16 Dec 2004|01:39pm]


alex pardee

branden talks about nirvana influence. [28 Nov 2004|11:04pm]

[ mood | recumbent ]


hearts&stuff; dani

thank you xx3leafcloverxx [13 Nov 2004|10:19pm]

[ mood | pleased ]

p.s. jesus does not endorse nor encourage itchy buttsex.

nirvana box set [08 Nov 2004|05:35pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

track listing;

merry xmas, dani

[22 Oct 2004|08:56pm]


the used on september 29th [03 Oct 2004|08:59pm]

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