nature is a whore (la_despedida) wrote in recordplayer_,
nature is a whore

CDs for sale/trade

for sale/trade:

ani difranco - dilate
the divine comedy - a secret history: the best of
ARE weapons

want for trade (or selling £5 ish):
the coral
electric six
lemon jelly
white stripes live stuff
super furry animals
they might be giants

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    please check out my ebay auctions most of this is ending really soon Raein, Red Aunts, Discount, The Faint, DS13, Flogging Molly

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    vinyl for sale make offers paypal only id like to sell more than one record at a time but hit me up with offers anyways sevens Tunes For Bears To…

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    Hi all Apologies for the advert - am crossposting all over the place.. I'm selling the original Strokes vinyl - "The Modern Age" with "Last Night"…

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