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vinyl for sale make offers paypal only
id like to sell more than one record
at a time but hit me up with offers anyways

Tunes For Bears To Dance To Red Cover #332 of 500
Texas Is The Reason - S/T
Texas Is the Reason/Promise Ring - Split
Texas Is the Reason/Samuel - Split
Quixote - S/T
Quixote/Trans Migetti
Fax Arcana - Unorthadox
El Secondhand - Blood And Aphorisms
Black Morinos - S/T
Dwarf Bitch - S/T
Get Up Kids/Rocket From The Crypt - Split - Orange
Modest Mouse - Life Of Arctic Sounds
Modest Mouse - Float On
Sweep The Leg Johnny/Haymaker Riot - Split - Red

Breather Resist - Charmer - White
Breather Resist/Suicide Note - Split - Clear Green
Fugazi - S/T
Hugs - S/T - Clear - One Sided
Quixote - Protests Of The Weak
Rise Against - The Unraveling
Tragedy - S/T
The Red Aunts - Bad Motherfuckin 40 oz
The Red Aunts - Saltbox

CDs for sale/trade

for sale/trade:

ani difranco - dilate
the divine comedy - a secret history: the best of
ARE weapons

want for trade (or selling £5 ish):
the coral
electric six
lemon jelly
white stripes live stuff
super furry animals
they might be giants

i have some cds for sale....

yeh! all good con, email me mychalkoutline@hotmail.com if you have any questions. open to trades, but i need dollah!!

albums £4 inc p&p

garbage- garbage (the one with the pink fluffy cover)
green day- kerplunk
stereophonics- performance and cocktails
stereophonics- word gets around
sum 41- all killer no filler
spineshank- the height of callousness
bloodhound gang hooray for boobies
cast- all change
papa roach- infest
vertical horizon- everything you want

singles £1.50 inc p&p
bluetones- solomon bites the worm
deftones- minerva
faithless- insomnia
chemical brothers- block rockin' beats
eels- susans house
portishead- all mine
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music freaks ahoy : cd's

Welcome! Here's a brand new Community for trading etc, I've seen sites where people trade Music but they've all been in America and as I have no dollars (bahh) I thought it was time we had one:) Plus I'd just sorted some of my old CD's out and found that people actually wanted them...Just read the points on the info for guidelines and post away!

Ye olde liste of Cd's no longer wanted;

+ Album : Whoa Nelly! : Nelly Furtado
+ Album : All Rise : Blue
+ Album : Come Away With Me : Norah Jones
+ Album : Dido : No Angel
+ Album : The Matrix : Film Soundtrack

All are £6 inc p&p (x posted) I'll trade too...just ask for my trades list :D
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