umaysayimadremr (umaysayimadremr) wrote in recordnerd_,

new member

hey y'all
hey, new to the community. glad i found this place. i have a lot of cd's if any one wants one, or two or 20. check it out -->
i'm too cheap to buy cd's right now but if anyone has any:
-modest mouse
-the futureheads
-ben kweller
-rise agianst (especially "swing life away" single)
-breaking benjamin
-the dropkick murphys
-the white stripes
-coldplay: x & y
-sugar ray
-goo goo dolls
-the flaming lips
-the shins
-new weezer
-new jimmy eat world
. . . or whatever else you like to listen to or is similar to this list, i love pretty much any kind of rock, 80's or 90's. if any one has some stuff from the mid 90's like the spice girls, first britney spears cd, hanson, etc. i'm using them for my decade project in television next year. i don't have mine anymore :(

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