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Something different...some Bowser/Peach from the Mario fandom.

FIC: Vicissitude
AUTHOR: Me ^_^;
FANDOM: Super Mario Brothers
GENRE: hurt/comfort, romance
WARNINGS: Some bad language here and there and character death.
PAIRINGS: Some Bowser/Peach(more longing though) and Bowser Jr./OC(I promise she's not a Mary Sue.)
SUMMARY: [Quick note- the summary on ff.net is different because of space constraints]
An aging Bowser has stopped menacing the Mushroom Kingdom and has started living vicariously through the now-grown Junior(Bowser Jr.) by getting him married to Cherry, the daughter of Mario and Peach. He coaches Junior with some hilarious romantic advice all the way up to the wedding. He's still in love with Peach, and by getting Junior to marry Cherry the right way, it's like seeing himself marry the woman he's always loved.

They arrived home in less than an hour, all of them hungry. Mario would be mad that Cherry missed dinner again...but that old plumber had gotten fat with age as well and wouldn't be much of a challenge. Once home, Bowser felt pride in his heart at how Junior pulled Cherry's chair out for her when they sat down to eat the meal she cooked. Cheep Cheep kabobs were huge, each fish the size of an adult Koopa's fist and drizzled in some foreign cheese-like sauce Cherry called "afraido"...or something. It made them very juicy and messy. Bowser and Junior each had two sticks with two Cheep Cheeps apiece, while Cherry only had half of one. Rather than talk, Bowser just crunched his kabob and watched them.

Bowser taught Junior how to "accidentally" brush his forearm against Cherry's shoulder when he reached for his napkin. The kabobs were greasy, so there were plenty of opportunities to pull this off.

If this works, kid, you'll have what I always wanted, he leaned back, her love...

"I...love your hair." said Junior.

"What?" Cherry glanced at him, blinking.

"This afternoon. It was shiny, I guess I didn't notice..." Junior glanced towards Bowser. Bowser made a pushing motion with his hand and pointed to his eyes. Junior went on, "...that it makes your eyes look really--" he glanced over again, fishing for a word. Bowser picked up his blue napkin and pointed to it. Junior's face brightened and he finished, "--blue! And I like blue." He peeked at Bowser again. Bowser curled his thumb and index finger into an 'okay' sign, grinning.

Cherry's face turned bright red. She giggled and turned towards Bowser. Bowser dropped his napkin on his kabob stick and leaned back, pretending to be bored. She shook her head and smiled up at Junior--"You're so cute, Junior."--and Bowser tilted so far back that his chair tipped over. The Koopa King scrambled back into his seat in time to see Junior's face turn as red as Cherry's dress.

After finding himself staring into Cherry's blue eyes longer than intended, Junior cleared his throat. "So um...dessert?"

Dessert was a huge fudge cake. Bowser and Junior made pigs out of themselves while Cherry had one dainty little piece. She seemed to find their appalling table manners amusing. She finished first and stood up, dabbing her mouth with her napkin. "I should head home...daddy is probably mad already. Thanks for letting me do your dinner, it was fun!"

"It's early, though," said Junior in a pouting tone.

"I know..." Cherry sounded annoyed. "But you know how he is."

"I should go down there and kick his wrinkled ass." Bowser said. Chocolate crumbs splattered down his chest when he spoke. He wiped them off with his palm. Cherry started for the door. Bowser blinked and waved his hand until he had Junior's attention, then made a walking gesture with his fingers.

Junior blinked a bit dully. "What do...oh!" He ran to catch up with her. "Hey, Cherry, I'll reverse-kidnap you home."

"Aw, why thank you." said Cherry with a smile. She slid her hand into Junior's as they disappeared from the dining hall.

Bowser belched and grinned. The kid was a chip off the old block!

TITLE: Not a Monster
AUTHOR: Me ^^;
FANDOM: Super Mario Brothers
GENRE: Angst, hurt/comfort
WARNINGS: Very mild swearing.
PAIRING: Bowser/Peach
CHAPTERS: One-shot, so one.
SUMMARY: Anybody can inflict pain, but the strongest are the ones that can take it and still get back up.

Their food arrived an hour later. A huge meat platter for Bowser and steamed vegetables for Peach--one of her favorite midnight snacks. One thing Bowser always did was make sure whatever food she wanted was available. Also, usually, he lit the elaborate gold candelabras on the table with his flaming breath and went on about how it was the fire of his love for her. He didn't do that this time. Instead, Bowser picked at his food while Peach ate in silence. The only sound was her fork occasionally clanking against the plate.

Peach couldn't believe herself when she asked, "Bowser, are you okay?"

Bowser just shook his head and stared at his plate. He'd only taken one bite of the drumstick. His food had long since stopped steaming, and he never bothered reheating it with his breath.

"You should eat."

"Peach," he said, meeting her eyes, "You just don't get it."


"You're not a parent!" He slammed his fist down on the table, causing the heavy candelabras to tip over. White wax chips splattered across polished marble tabletop. Peach jumped and her fork clattered onto her plate. Bowser ranted on, "In Junior's eyes, dad fixes everything! And I can't fix this! Do you have any idea how that feels?"

His sudden shouting startled Peach. She felt like his red eyes pinned her to her chair. There was something different in them. Something not so evil.

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