August 22nd, 2007


Something different...some Bowser/Peach from the Mario fandom.

FIC: Vicissitude
AUTHOR: Me ^_^;
FANDOM: Super Mario Brothers
GENRE: hurt/comfort, romance
WARNINGS: Some bad language here and there and character death.
PAIRINGS: Some Bowser/Peach(more longing though) and Bowser Jr./OC(I promise she's not a Mary Sue.)
SUMMARY: [Quick note- the summary on is different because of space constraints]
An aging Bowser has stopped menacing the Mushroom Kingdom and has started living vicariously through the now-grown Junior(Bowser Jr.) by getting him married to Cherry, the daughter of Mario and Peach. He coaches Junior with some hilarious romantic advice all the way up to the wedding. He's still in love with Peach, and by getting Junior to marry Cherry the right way, it's like seeing himself marry the woman he's always loved.
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TITLE: Not a Monster
AUTHOR: Me ^^;
FANDOM: Super Mario Brothers
GENRE: Angst, hurt/comfort
WARNINGS: Very mild swearing.
PAIRING: Bowser/Peach
CHAPTERS: One-shot, so one.
SUMMARY: Anybody can inflict pain, but the strongest are the ones that can take it and still get back up.
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