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The In Crowd
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this community is self explanitory. your joining this community for the sole purpose of putting you and your frineds to the test. are you guys in or not so much??

::rated on::

` lookz
` info based on you survey
` pix [ must have three or more with an explanation of what the pic is showing us, rather than the people ]

::the survey::

group namez/agez:
fave. hangout:
things done on a night out:
lazyday, whats done:
crazy story, share:

*if you have a "group" state their names/ages.


1. keep a good vibe plz.
2. modz and stamped member have the right to their opinion, don't get pissed at a no.
3. make your [3] pix of good quality.
4. all pix behind a lj-cut.
5. no voting till you are stamped.
6. when voting, whether yes or no, state your reason.

modz and memberz[stamped]::

rainb0ib0i - mod.
lanegl03 - mod.
tampons - mod.