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name/age: Davina/21
group namez/agez: I have different groups of friends, but mostly single peeps. LOL! There my old high school posse (like that old school word?) which is Michelle (21), Peter (21), and Orpheous (22). Then we have Lassa (18) and myself as the Bennigan's hoes, and then just other misc friends that I hangout with.
fave. hangout: Denny's is often a hot spot (LOL!), random bars and clubs (always up for trying new places), and Krispy Kremes (we're crazy Lassa!).
things done on a night out: Driving around blasting music and just acting crazy, bar hopping, girl talk, flirting, and just about anything. :)
lazyday, whats done: Taebo (yes! I do that on a lazy day), messin with LJ or, or watching movies.
crazy story, share:
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This Girl Has Love

Doing this because i <3 Mando..!!

name/age: Janelle, I'm 15 =D
group namez/agez: Elisa/16, Sara/16, Stef/16, Steph/16, Lauren/16, Natalie/16,
fave. hangout: City, Lygon Street, Elisas House, QBH , Metro and norfies if we get round to it..
things done on a night out: Clubbing, Making new friends, Going a la crazy..
lazyday, whats done: Movies, Shopping..
crazy story, share: Being chased by a group of teenagers around the back of epping plaza... all the way to blockbuster.. and this is through like bush land =/.. also nearlly passing out at metro i was going too hard=/.. Umm how can i forget being followd all the way to our hotel in rome by this bunch of guys and getting yelled at from below the hotel.. memories
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name/age: Natalie, 15
group namez/agez:(not all of them..and havent got pix of all of them >_<) sarah/15, alex/15, kris/15, adam/16, richard/15, adam/17, beth/16, drew/17, emma/15, santino/16, tim/17, ronald/17, pat/17, kelly/15
fave. hangout: burwood westfield
things done on a night out: dance, take pictures, be stupid, joke, laugh, sleepover, parties, afterparties(always the most fun XD)
lazyday, whats done: go see a movie.. visit each other at work..[half of us work at different shops in westfield. lol]
crazy story, share: at scotty's party; me, laura, scotty, kelly and kate ran down the road in our bras at 11pm at night.. :X no one saw. i hope.. :\
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Mod Post

I decided I dont wanna be a mod in this community anymore mando.

Im a picky person and I dont think the judgements so far have been totally honest.

It was nice knowing all of you. Goodbye
credit: nadiabritneyfan

newbie <3

name/age: Stevie/16
group namez/agez:no group name but i`ll put the names of some people i`ll put pix up of Keri/16 Maygin/17 Chrissy/17 Michie/17 Jill/16 Kim/17... if i post people who arent on this list i`ll put their names and ages <3
fave. hangout: peoples houses, chrissys mostly, jeres house in Ocean City, the beach (15th st), Denny's
things done on a night out: drinking, partying, random pictures, craziness, whip cream fights
lazyday, whats done: usually just renting some movies and drinking some daquiris or chillin on the beach
crazy story, share: oh gosh there is one but i would sound like such a slut... haha so yeah if you want to hear it ask and i`ll post but otherwise im not making it public oh lordy.
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name/age: Niny/19
group namez/agez: "Sirenas" Sara/19; Denisse/19; Angie/18; Niny/19
fave. hangout: Shakey's
things done on a night out: makeover's, then the party begins ex: go to a night club, drink and then sleepover each other's house.
lazyday, whats done: watch romantic movies and cry our eyes out. or go to Venice beach and just kick it.
crazy story, share: it's always an adventure when we go out, we have been in newspapers, tv shows, done some shots with a GQ model from Australia (I think, and been upstage in LA concerts, we have won tons of tickets to go to concerts and are sometimes in VIP events, I don't mean to brag but since little we've had contacts of all sorts and have kept them =)
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be nice, i'm sick

name/age: Jenn/19
group namez/agez: "Frankie and the Hamster Kids" (don't ask) Sara (19) Michi (19) Sisco (19) Vicki (19)
fave. hangout: jewel or my basement
things done on a night out: now, since we're all at different schools, we don't have a whole lot of time to hang out, but we usually play some pool, dress up in the weirdest clothes ever, take some strange pictures, and just laugh & talk about great times we had together.
lazyday, whats done: we spend 3 hours shopping in Forever XXI
crazy story, share: we were all in my house studying for a final, and we heard some knocking on my window. convinced there was a murderer outside, we all grabbed a weapon. these weapons included a can of pringles, a giant xmas decoration candy cane, a bag of oranges, some drano and a shovel which i later hit myself in the head with...i'm not sure how i did that.
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*mod post*

name/age: Thalassa - 18
group namez/agez: The "Sokol Squad" - Dropka - 19, Kevin - 18, Kristin - 15, Elena - 15, Ginny - 17, Eddie - 18, Matt - 21, Jeremy - 16, Kenny - 16
fave. hangout: Sokols around the IL area...haha
things done on a night out: we don't get to chill that much..but when we do hang out it's after a Sokol affair :P
lazyday, whats done: same as above.
crazy story, share: haha....Valparaiso was a crazy time...the Beret brothers were active and crap like that
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The last picture is a different group of friends...but I was too lazy to host the other pictures that I had :P