bloody hell!

the spiders, they want me to tap dance!

ron / rupert love
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this is a community for those who love ron weasley and rupert grint

the only rules:

~please post when you join, so we know you're here
~do NOT be disrespectful to any of the other members
~slash is okay, but put it behind an lj-cut..if the content is questionable, then say so

good stuff to do:
~if you know any other good ron/rupert communities, tell us!!
~please update often, so we can keep the community alive!!
~if you're a part of another ron/rupert community, tell them about this one!

for your first post:

favorite harry potter book:
favorite harry potter movie:
favorite quote from ron or rupert:
how did you find this community?:
pictures? [optional - and behind a cut!!]


if there are any problems, please contact your maintainer at randyforron@yahoo.com

after the first entry, you can post anything you want about ron or rupert. likes, dislikes, pictures, news, fanfics, slash - anything. have fun here..meet new people who share a common interest: