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Do not go gentle into that good night...

...Rage, rage againt the dying of the light!

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Rage is... A community for writers

Rage is... A community for poets

Rage is... A community for lyrist

Rage is... A community for free thinking

Rage is... A community for thoughts/pictures/lyrics/anything, that inspires one to write.

Rage is... A community for readers of short stories, poetry and prose

Rage is... What we make it.

But lastly,

Rage is... Not a rating community

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Typical poetry/prose/philosphy groups on livejournal are rating communities with a bit of poetry thrown into the mix. Not here. Feel free to post whatever you like here as long as it is relevent. If you find a particular writer, poet, or philospher of great intrest, feel free to post a picture and what you like best about them. Discuss. Share. Laugh. Don't be afraid to post. Because like I said, Rage is what you make it.

Did that appeal to you? Join.

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I. There will be no bashing of other people's poems, prose, or short stories. If it's not constructive critism keep it to yourself. No one here wants to read it.

II. Don't just post your works and ignore everyone else's. Be kind and leave comments on other people's posts.

III. I don't care what you write or what you write about. There will be no censorship here. However, if it's not worksafe, or if it could be seen as extremely offensive, put it behind a lj-cut with a warning labeling.

IV. If you write or post a picture of something that is really long or takes a long time to load for a user with dial up, use an lj-cut.

V. < lj-cut> < /lj-cut> <--That is the coding for an lj-cut. All you have to do is take out the spaces. Now there is no excuse as to why an Lj-cut wouldn't be used.

VI. Harrasment of any kind will result in an immidiate ban. The end.

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